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Also named in a lawsuit filed 08/06/09 by National City Bank.  Many Connections.  Sammy Catanis, SII Development Director/Project Manager - developer/owner of Lori Properties, Inc., built by Sutton Builders, sells $395,000 condo to Tom Cook, President of TWDC Board, Tom Cook former employee of National City Bank.

If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck?



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Where the future is brighter...?

I checked out the Catania site and it is a trip - "under reorganization" - and with the stupidest Flash clip in history - and the favicon is the world's tiniest picture of, I suppose, Catania...

This it the work of very little minds.

Disrupt IT

You mean my "peabrain" dub

You mean my "peabrain" dub fits.

Catania Investments - different Sam?

Is this Sam C's site, or a name co-incidence?