Android application development popular than ever

Submitted by scott.allerdice on Mon, 01/24/2011 - 05:03.

The handset sales increase also resulted in the increase in iphone application development as well as the market for Android based devices. The recent market analysis shows that as Smartphone penetration is increasing Android is all ready to push ahead for the number one place. The lead that iPhone has over Android might be at risk. No longer is Android considered inferior because of its open source policy. In fact it has been readily embraced by the developers.

Android is a Linux based operating system and is becoming one of the most renowned and favored operating systems for mobile devices. Android applications are more user-friendly. One of the reasons for the increase observed is because Android applications present an open source platform. It encourages the developers and as more people opt for it, it gets more input and also the developers keep updating it with whatever latest technical development the application demands. It also minimizes the chances of error and failure. Being open source the time duration is also less, saving both time and money. Increase in Android application has also increased companies that offer Android application development services.

Android software applications are better for social networking as you can have Facebook and Twitter widgets that makes browsing easier. For streaming music and music on demand services Android offers all the popular iPhone music applications. In Android they come with widgets and you can play one or two songs at the same time from the same screen. The strong point Android has is Google.

According to Google Android phone sales are picking up and today, 200,000 Android phones are being sold every day. The growth is supported by the increase in the number of devices with different prices and the strong backing by operators. It is predicted that the way android application development is budding it is sure to grasp the top place by 2012.

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