Apple with dead leaves

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 11/10/2009 - 19:36.

apple seneca indian farmers new york image 11.02.09 jeff buster

The Indians in New York State have casinos.   I drove past the casinos and was pulled in by one of those dilapidated road side farmer's stands.   I spent 28 dollars on food raised on the Seneca First Nation.  I am eating the proceeds of my entertainment.   Dan Gilbert wants NEO to eat chips.  

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Indian casinos in Ohio

Now that Ohio voters have changed the state constitution, it opens the door to.....Indian Casinos. They were not successful in the past because the Ohio Constitution prohibited all casinos. The more, the merrier, right?

These stories are from the prior failed attempt, but that does not change much.

Jeff Buster, nice photo of

Jeff Buster, nice photo of the apple with dead leaves. 

A beautiful bushel wood basket of beautiful apples

wood arkansas bushel apple basket with seneca indian apples image 11.02.09 jeff buster

I am a wreck when it comes to recording this stuff.  O v e r powered by image reality.   Commonplace stuff.   We never really recognize, appreciate, or absorb. 

It's a full time job. 

But should it be my job?

I put the bushel basket on an outside table to allow the overcast sky to flush the subject with shadowless daylight.

Then I saw the label on the basket from the basket manufacturer in Arkansas. 

What was the photo story I was pursuing...New York Seneca Indian apples or Arkansas curved wooden baskets?

Man, I am a mess.  

Jeff Buster, don't get too

Jeff Buster, don't get too overwhelmed, I would miss your photos if you stopped posting them here.   The apples in the bushel basket are delicious looking.  It makes me want to hire someone to prune and spray my apple tree so I can actually eat the apples from my apple trees next year.  I'll give away the ones I can't eat.