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ARREST ALL THE MIDDLE CLASS MOTHER FLOWERS........ FOR THE WORKING CLASS PROSTITUTES(WORKERS AT LARGE): The next time you run your mouth about some demographically disadvantaged person to make yourself seem like a big shot who thinks they know something about America---because you're a working class mother flower who doesn't pay attention to politics while you pay taxes----well----kiss my arse! You are the waste of society that allows the politicians to keep on soaking up millions in federal subsidies and benefits while you sit on your arse doing nothing more than yapping.... Screw YOU! You deserve to pay higher taxes for allowing these welfare pimps to prostitute you and YOUR IGNORANCE about all the "WONDERFUL THINGS THEY DO!" Stop melting everytime you get your panties in a bunch about someone on public assistance and start bitching about the billions in annual wasteful spending that your politicians steer around your community that doesn't benefit anyone but the politically connected. Start asking questions, paying attention to PUBLIC MEETINGS, and paying attention before your suburbs learn the same old politics that Cleveland learned and turn your beautiful neighborhoods into parks by using you as a pawn, quota, and donor. When is the last time you held a public servant or fiscal agent for the political system accountable for how they spend your taxes???? You do have that right....if you make time for it like you do suntanning, getting your nails done, and riding your motorcycle! All of you will will grow old and need a place to be....with your kids, in a nursing home, or even in a cemetery...but they are using that alone as a major planning purpose around town...and a way to spend your tax dollars. You are a pawn. Either you are playing in this game of life or you are making them money....and then you are turning a deaf ear and blind eye to how they spend it!!! I wish the police would start arresting working class Americans for PROSTITUTION.....for failure to attend public meetings, for failure to vote, for failure to hold their leadership accountable, for failure to respect humanity, for failure to be honest with themselves, for failure to participate in protecting the constitution, and for enabling the politicians to rape society at large. The middle class and working class Americans who keep their nose to the grindstone but fail to engage their leadership consistently deserve to be shot at high noon. They are the ones empowering corruption and abusive practices. Middle Class Americans who don't demand fiscal accountability from their leadership are a failure at large. That is why our government is spending outside of its fiscal means. So, open up the jails and let all the petty criminals out.....arrest the people who work forty hours a week and don't participate in society at acceptable levels to cease and desist political abuse. Fill those jails with these blue collar and white collar people who think their shit doesn't stink. Fill the jails with them until they realize how significant their divided, divisive, and degraded attitude affects America at large. Let them rot in jail until they figure out what a fiscal budget is and why it is important for our government to live within their means. (I know, our government taught you all to live on credit cards and pay later...) Learn about the political regime, unite as one nation under God and get back to the basics of holding your leadership accountable. Demand transparency, question their spending habits, give input. Share in how your tax dollars are being spent. Stop living like there's a thousand tomorrows to get off your ass and participate in society....and all you addicts at large; take off your blinders and realize that you are the American government's greatest asset....You are justification for higher costs of medical, food, police, and much more... Stop supporting terrorism and get your heads out of your asses too. Stop feeling sorry for yourselves! You are AMERICANS! WAKE UP, SMELL THE ROSES, and FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS! Domestic terrorism should include pimping out the weak and meak for federal funds...... IF AMERICAN CITIZENS do not change their own habits of neglecting to hold these people accountable-then what will America be for our future generations????? Learn, Adjust, and Take Your American Citizenship seriously.... PARTICPATE IN DEMOCRACY WITHOUT FEELING INTIMIDATED AND QUIT LETTING POLITICIANS BULLY YOU! Get REAL!

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to pay attention to politics at large and how their tax dollars are ascertained, spent, and fiscally abused. Arrest them for not voting, for not engaging leadership, and for not proactively preventing abusive practices across the board. Arrest these mother flower workers who think that they pay taxes so they shouldn't have to do anything else. Arrest them for domestic terrorism....for violating the public at large with allowing their ability to demand transparency and demand justice to go to hell in a handbasket!

Let the middle class rot on chain gangs fixing our their backs until they wake up and figure out that the government depends on the weak, demographically disadvantaged, and NGO system to distribute billions in tax money annually. Force them to learn how to read a fiscal budget and learn where their money is being spent so that they can demand adjustments and accountability of how it all goes.

Let them understand that their attention being focused on welfare recipients at the bottom of the rung is not the way to change America and it's also the way these government agencies use their tax dollars to pay the ADMINISTRATORS OF SUCH ENDLESS PROGRAMS.....more than most Americans want to know.

If you want lower taxes......then stop allowing the city, county, and state leadership to use your funds for wasteful entities....get motivated America..

Before you VOTE NEXT TIME...reassess what "PARTY" you are supporting. This party system is simply a joke. Don't vote because someone has a (D) behind their because you've validated their record of fiscal accountability!!!!

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Stop remaining divided and conquered by the politics of things. Unite, work out the differences, and conquer the political regime who thinks that they can walk all over you ignorant Americans who refuse to challenge their status quo!

"It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance." RFK

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