Attendance DOES matter after all

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Attendance DOES matter after all

Get rid of the useless masks and the crowds will return. 

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The Kanadian dwarf has been overruled by the Maestro

Our orchestra has been liberated as Covid 1984 the great SCAMDEMIC is exposed and FINALLY grinds to a halt. After a year of being closed and ANOTHER year of draconian mandates including the poison vaxx for any prospective attendees, no one was going. Season tickets were cancelled and the orchestra faced the dispiriting prospect EVERY CONCERT of playing to a nearly empty SEVERANCE hall. None of the regional orchestras in Northeast Ohio: Youngstown, Akron or Toledo required the dreaded "health" pass. And now the Kanadian dwarf is having a big SAD about losing his power to control the audience with a poison vaxxxx. This is evidenced by the fact the "health and safety" change NOT requiring the shot is hidden away and not celebrated from the Cleveland Orchestra main web page like the previous mandatory poison shot AND booster. All for the good of the NWO.No obsequious smarmy YouTube video laying down the law about the fake vaxxxine. No email to patrons about the update. Nothing. Nada. Rien. Like all the other power crazed "arts" dictators, university presidents and "elected" officials everywhere, they resent letting go of the Scamdemic. LET THE LAWSUITS BEGIN

Miss live music - Cleveland Orchestra is a gem

Sad that politics has infused live music here in Northeast Ohio.  I do know I was grateful to hear Opus 216 at the Transformer Station yesterday.  The music compliments the current exhibit featuring the photo collection of Evan Mirapaul:

Founded in 2012 by violinist Ariel Clayton Karas, OPUS 216 has appeared in every major venue in northeast Ohio, from special events at the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, to public and private events at Quicken Loans Arena, Progressive Field, Holden Arboretum, Cleveland History Center, Cleveland Botanical Gardens, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, and special events for the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, among others.

Trained at top-tier conservatories like the world-renowned Cleveland Institute of Music, Manhattan School of Music, Juilliard and others, our musicians make Cleveland their home for its vibrancy, professional development opportunities, arts and culture. When they aren’t performing events with OPUS 216, ensemble musicians perform nationally and internationally, from Lincoln Center in New York City, to subbing with major orchestras, such as the Chicago Symphony, Pittsburgh Symphony, Cleveland Orchestra, Atlanta Symphony, and others. Ensemble musicians have performed onstage across the country with everyone from John Legend to Michael Buble, Brian Wilson, Andrea Bocelli, and more.

Ariel played violin yesterday with an amazing cellist (I didn't catch the name). The music transported the audience across the globe with music of Ireland, Mexico, France, Hungary, Appalachia, and the Eurasian steppe.

More events are planned in conjuction with the show:

Upcoming Events for "In Concert: Photography and the Violin":
THIS Saturday, March 12, 2022:
1:30pm: Concert, OPUS 216
2:30pm: Gallery Talk, Evan Mirapaul
Sunday, March 27, 2022:
2:00pm: Concert, The Music Settlement
Saturday, April 2, 2022:
3:00pm: Concert, Cleveland Institute of Music