Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Sun, 12/05/2010 - 21:34.

It's 9:31pm now....there are posts noted for after 1030pm...and Something is NOT RIGHT with times/blogs/posts...

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Time Zone or time is off by an hour

Time Zone or time is off by an hour - Jeff S - any ideas why?

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time zone appears correct

 my computer and realneo time zones are in sync. Is it Diana's computer that has not acknowledge the time change?

star trek

On the other hand, I watched the final episode of the final show of Star Trek, the next generation tonight. The captain was flung is the future, then to the past, and back to the present. Their was a spacial abnormality that was causing the temporal distortion. Maybe that is at play here? 


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Test comment is an hour ahead of time

It is 1:18 and the test post above is 2:17... from 1 minute ago.

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Change time zone in your My Account configurations

Change time zone in your My Account - EDIT - Time Zone Configurations - mine got change from -5 to -4 putting my comments and postings an hour ahead of time.

I didn't do that to my account...

Now all my times are correct - Diane... that should work for you... let me know

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Angel Test...

My computer clock says 10:45 PM.

Angel Test 2

Changed Settings to -500.... Time is now 10:49pm.

All clear...Jerleen have you updated your settings?

Jerleen's post was off too yday... hope she's got hers updated too.

Hi, Currently, my computer


Currently, my computer clock says 10:51 PM.