Attracting Talent and Immigration to CLE

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I am posting this here to gauge the possible shift in attitude that has occurred towards immigrants in NEO--please add a child page with any positive updates:

Fri, Jan 13, 2012 09:25 AM

In This Issue: Global Cleveland Welcomes Staff, Tweeting for CLE,
   Opportunity for East Coast Transplants, Request for Ex-Pats, In The News
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Global Cleveland Welcomes Staff

   Global Cleveland is now fully staffed! President Larry Miller officially
   came on board in October, and this week, we welcomed:
     * [2]Andrea Castrovillari, who joins Global Cleveland as chief development
     * [3]Elizabeth Hijar, a consultant who will work on programming to attract
     * [4]Jim Kuhn, a consultant who will work on programming for job seekers
       and employers
     * [5]Joel Matos, guest services coordinator, who will staff the Welcome
       Hub’s front desk
     * [6]Meran Rogers, who will work as Global Cleveland’s director of
       volunteer services
       2. %20andrea [at] globalcleveland [dot] org
       3. %20elizabeth [at] globalcleveland [dot] org
       4. %20jk [at] kuhnglobaltalent [dot] com
       5. %20joel [at] globalcleveland [dot] org
       6. %20meran [at] globalcleveland [dot] org

   These new staffers join our existing consultants who have transitioned into
   staff positions:
     * [7]Lauren Sable Freiman, director of marketing
     * [8]Beth Gantz, welcome hub manager
     * [9]Roya Ismail-Beigi Shirazi, program director
       7. %20lauren [at] globalcleveland [dot] org
       8. %20beth [at] globalcleveland [dot] org
       9. %20roya [at] globalcleveland [dot] org

   Feel free to contact Global Cleveland’s staff via email or by calling (216)

Tweeting for CLE

   Last week, we started a new hashtag on Twitter - #tweetforCLE. Then, we
   encouraged the tweet-o-sphere to send one pro-Cleveland tweet each week.

   The trend is catching on! Our followers have sent countless tweets singing
   the praises of this city. Here are some examples of the tweets:
     * Cleveland has an entrepreneurial spirit that can't be beat. If you have
       a small business idea, this city opens its arms to it. [10]#tweetforCLE
     * [11]#tweetforCLE is the most positive thing I have seen for our City in
     * CLE has amazing diehard sports fans who always support their (sometimes
       awful) teams. I'm happy to be one of them. #HappyinCLE [12]#tweetforCLE
     * I spent 3 years in SC and came home to an amazing food scene, great
       parks, cheap housing and no rattlesnakes! [13]#tweetforCLE
     * I will [14]#tweetforCLE bc I love my city, the ppl, the parks, the food,
       the history & love!!! #HappyInCLE

   You can tweet for CLE too! Just tweet about why CLE is a great place to
   work, live and play. Use the hashtag #tweetforCLE in your tweet, and pass
   the news along to your network.

Opportunity for Newcomers & Boomerangers

   Are you a newcomer or a boomeranger? If so, we have an opportunity for you!

   CWRU’s Master of [15]Positive Organization Development and Change program is
   conducting appreciative inquiry interviews on behalf of Global Cleveland.
   They’re looking for information about the experience of coming to Cleveland
   as a boomeranger or a newcomer.

   Small group interviews will be scheduled in one-hour increments on January
   26 between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.

   To participate, email your contact information to
   [16]joel [at] globalcleveland [dot] org.
       16. %20joel [at] globalcleveland [dot] org

Request for Expats

   Several companies that specialize in cross-cultural training programs for
   people relocating internationally have reached out to Global Cleveland for
   help in locating expats from a variety of countries.

   These companies tell us that they’ve found it very helpful for their clients
   to hear from expats currently living in Cleveland who can speak about daily
   life and getting settled in a new city and country.

   We are in the process of building a database of expats living in Cleveland.
   If you’d like to be included – and possibly contacted for your help in
   orienting a newcomer to Cleveland – please send your name, contact
   information and your country of origin to [17]lauren [at] globalcleveland [dot] org.
   Global Cleveland has been making headlines.
   [18]Check out the latest news coverage.
       17. %20lauren [at] globalcleveland [dot] org

   _Tweet For CLE_

   Join us on Twitter as we Tweet for CLE! Our goal is to spread some Cleveland
   love, and we're asking our Twitter followers to send one pro-Cleveland tweet
   each week, celebrating something unique, wonderful or exciting about this
   great city. We all know what Cleveland has to offer - now tell everyone you
   know! Be sure to use the hashtag TweetforCLE!

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I am posting this here to see how successful the effort to attract immigrants to NEO will be now that there is a shift in attitude:

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