Backyard Bunnies Are the New Urban Chickens

Submitted by Charles Frost on Mon, 03/29/2010 - 19:49.

I love the rabbit scene in "Roger and Me", but can't do that

I've joked with Evelyn about eating our bunnies, and rooster - not so joking about the rooster... the bunnies are too cute

Tonight we had some of the chickens' eggs instead - I'm moving toward vegetarianism... couldn't kill a bunny

I love the rabbit scene in "Roger and Me"... but don't watch it if you are bothered watching a rabbit killed and dressed.

It seems in Flint they have rules about how and where you may dress rabbits for meat - perhaps just for sale.

Are there rules about this in Cuyahoga County or our cities, or is this considered don't ask don't tell for home consumption?

It certainly makes sense to raise meat locally and have urban slaughterhouses and butchers - good entrepreneurial opportunities for the right people - it will be interesting to see how meat production fits into local culture and environment - as they say, rabbit waste is excellent for gardening... what other value may rabbits offer our local economy?

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Nice talk, guys

Nice talk about slaughtering bunny rabbits the week of the arrival of the Great Easter Bunny. You know, the one that brings baskets.....

That scene was the first to make me think about local foods

That scene was the first to make me think about local foods production as a way for individuals to survive in these hard times, so well documented in Roger and Me over 20 years ago... this movie was certainly one of the most influential in my life.

Too bad more people didn't get that point then, and start producing more local food then, and individuals would be better fed now.

People missed the point of Roger and Me, which is that the individual is screwed in America and had better look out for themselves.

People thought this movie was entertainment... it was about human survival in the new economy.

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This isn't Mainstream Media

Nobody on realNEO believes in the Easter Bunny any more.

This isn't Mainstream Media

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 do they lay eggs?????


I don't think so.....

Would you wear a chicken coat?

And rabbits are cuter, to me.

But I can't kill our rabbits, and I will eat our homelaid eggs... especially around Easter... the boys have been dying them for a week now :-)

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no - but I wouldn't wear a rabbit coat either!


I'd wear a rabbit

If it was cold enough... and the damn rabbit would cooperate.

If it was cold enough... and I was cold enough... and the damn rabbit wouldn't cooperate, I may eat it, and wear it.

Is it better for poor families that need or want to provide their children with some meat and even fur to learn to raise their meat, and process it, at home, or is it better to provide some public assistance so the poor may buy industrial meat at the grocery store.

Would it make sense to have community processing of home raised animals, including their fur, to provide as much nutrition and valuable by-products to the community as possible, with the lowest carbon footprint.

Would people eat less meat if it had names, and floppy ears.

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oooh - good point!

and their poop makes great fertilizer!

and their poop makes great dog food

at least to our dogs

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what is it about dogs...

and pOOp......?

as for the reproductive

as for the reproductive cycles there is indeed that rapid assimilation of their generation for rabbits than compare to chickens. i agree with your article. this is well written, thanks for uploading the video too. economy survival i should rather say.

<a href=""> Chicken Coop</a>

I just cooped our chickens

Great site, thebackyardchicken - we have 4 chickens and a rooster and it is a great addition to our urban lifestyle (we live on less than 1/10th acre in a poor, dense, decayed suburb of Cleveland)... I got some good pointers from you.

I love your chicken coop designs - we actually bought one from a coop buider out-of-state and we wished there was a local economy in our region to provide safe, environmentally friendly coops - and other urban farming material - in our area... what a great career that would be, for the right urban entrepreneur... actually, many... starting and growing the backyard chicken industry in Northeast Ohio.

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