Balloon and Urban Tumbleweed

Submitted by Charles Frost on Sun, 02/01/2009 - 21:36.

Balloon and Urban Tumbleweed 

Both are free, fleeting and colorful,

both are blown helter skelter  

by the wind.  


One evokes wistful   

days of summer,  

and the a child's   

innocent laughter. 


One evokes waste, pollution,   

the despoiling of lives,   

and personal space.   


Is this but a fleeting   

glance of the public   

media’s trend de jour?.  


Or is it a symptom of the    

general malaise that has    

crept over us silently, unseen,    

to ultimately murder us in our    

brainwashed stupor

of mindless consumerism. 



  You and I are on the same page today Bill.