Submitted by jerleen1 on Tue, 08/18/2009 - 22:29.
Now that's a bashing

 Now, in the community I live in, this is a bashing.  Frank Giglio's home, while he was under police guard, in threat of going to jail, as they smashed his house to smitherines.

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Take a look at this Guy: 

Take a look at this Guy:  This is criminal - this is one of the worst crimes against a human being I've ever seen. 

After they stole what could be sold

We have never learned who stole the good stuff out of Frank's house...

Disrupt IT

please dont leave that out...

 i was told by a reliable inside source that it was blackmarketed by TWDC office. Actually I was asked if i wanted to buy any. sorta disgusting, no? They said the moeny was going to offset demolition costs. Anyone seen a lost offset anywhere?

Not right!

I read about Frank's house....it is just not right.