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Daily reminder messages are needed everywhere...


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and did you know

that if you make a turn and do not signal it, in Ohio (and mostly Nationwide) it will hurt you in the wallet.

[Base Court Cost      $93

Additional charges may be added depending on required collection of Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) reinstatement fee, late fee, service of summon, subpoenas, etc. These fees are computed at the time of conviction since each police agency has different fees.

Ticket for: Regular Construction Zone
Accident $128  
Bike Path $194 $295
Bumper Height $98  
Child Restraint $168  
Expired License Plates $98  
Follow Too Close $114 $135
Highway Use Tax $133  
Improper Lane $114 $135
Improper Parking $88  
Handicapped Parking Violation $338  
Improper Passing $114 $135
Left of Center $114 $135
Loud Music $124  
Muffler/Noise $119  
No Front Plate $98  
No Turn Signals $94  
Railroad Crossing $124  
Red Light $125 $157
Seat Belt - Driver $104  
Seat Belt - Passenger $94  
Secured Load $133 $168
Slow Speed $114  
Stop Sign $116 $139
Tail Lights $98  
Unsafe Vehicle $114  
U-Turn $114 $135
Window Tinting $150  
Dog Running Loose $104  
No Dog License $104  
Dog Not Wearing License $104


So, for NOT be thoughtful and turning on the signal, it's cost ya over $160.00

And if you pass a cop while he was on the side of the road and out of his car/ has someone else pulled over & don't move over to another lane/ give wide berth...and slow down when going by them - that could cost you  well over $300. 00 with court costs..

----- a move over law in place which requires motorists to maintain a safe distance and reduce speed when approaching stationary emergency vehicles that are alongside the road with their lights flashing. If a lane change is impossible because of road or traffic conditions, a motorist must slow down and be prepared to stop, if needed, to prevent collisions. ...// Failure to obey the "Move-Over Law" is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine up to $250. If the violation results in property damage to the emergency vehicle, highway maintenance or recovery vehicle or bodily injury to the driver or passenger, the fine can be increased up to $1,000. [//]

So yes, people are being TAUGHT TO "Be Courteous" by paying OUT money, who would've thought??  Betty

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