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Today was a good day to move the machines out onto the front porch, give  my granddaughter (who just turned 8) a big bag of scrap material and enjoy watching her learning to piece her first strip (crazy) quilt.

When we packed up around 4:30, she looked over and said, "Grandma, didn't we have a great day."

We're starting a "Summer 2011" scrapbook to include all the different things she's learning to do while school's out.  We started this project with giving her some cake icing and letting her decorate a cake. 

She's also having a ball learning to take digital photos and making fried pies (on cooler days, of course).  We've already had a lesson in cutting dough for chicken dumplings and baking brownies.  One day this week we'll be baking homemade biscuits to eat with our homemade blackberry jam.

Cooking is a great way to help kids learn and understand fractions.  Sewing covers measurments and other math skills.  Next week she wants to tackle making flower arrangements.

It was such a wonderful outing that I thought I'd share it, especially since she was so proud of her accomplishment.







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Grandma time is so priceless...

Inspiring children to appreciate the arts of scrapbooking, sewing, and cooking are traditional and all important blessings in any family. Thanks for sharing this article Jerleen. Recently, a very treasured friend gave my daughter a "mini sewing machine" as I only have an old fashioned "sewing basket"...I awoke one saturday to her laying out her scraps covering my living room floor...It was sweet and intriguing to hear her delight in her "plan" to make something out of it all...


Delightful article. Hearty smiles. Lots of love.


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Thank you for simple goodness

 Thank you Jerleen for this sweet image and story--I definitely needed this today.