Beautiful Day

Submitted by lmcshane on Thu, 04/23/2009 - 13:14.

We tend to think that life in the city is not a happy place to be.  Let these photos remind you, otherwise.


Photo credits Laura McShane


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great spring photos!

The Magnolia tree is so beautiful.

I am alway surprised and delighted by the animal and plant diversity in the city!



Thanks Evelyn...I have some hostas, cranesbill, sweet woodruff....if you are looking for spreaders... my neighbor owns the magnolia and she complains about the flowers dropping every year, and every year I plead with her to keep the tree.  It really is heavenly.  The squirrels..omg, there are five of them, and they kamikaze throw themselves at our windows begging for peanuts!

Nice pictures Laura! It's

Nice pictures Laura! It's missing a Walmart bag flying and then getting stuck in the tree lol!! Have a nice weekend!


  You are too young to be a cynic!  I am posting more photos today from Rosby's.  Green thumbs UNITE!