Beehive School

Submitted by hawk on Sat, 12/12/2009 - 09:29.

They have torn Beehive School down I tried to post some pictures but could'nt get it to work

 (without a little help from my friends)

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Beehive Demo

Hello Hawk, Here is a link to a "how to insert image file" post on Realneo which could help get those demo pics up.

best, jeffb

Open Class Room in Cleveland Plus

Image Courtesy of Hawk

This is an inside-the-wall view at quality construction.

1.  All Fireproof,  all masonry

2.   Accoustically absorbing/non transmitting walls and floor.

3.   Hollow core terra cotta interior and exterior walls for superior thermal insulation

4.   Reinforced concrete floors and roof deck.

You won't find many public or private structures built like this anymore - too expensive.

Razing Cleveland, one structure at a time!



Finding new uses for schools..

Sadly, all of the embodied energy and cultural history--our story-- will be lost to future generations in the rush to demolish.  The failure to readapt the Beehive School is mentioned in this Plain Dealer article:

Finding new lives for old schoolhouses: Buildings convert to other uses by Martha Mueller Neff  June 18, 2008

I was heartened the other day to find that a Carnegie Library at the corner of Quincy and East 79th St. was spared from the wrecking ball and readapted to a new use. 

It gives me hope to think that, someday, common sense will prevail.

Meanwhile, we can only mourn our loss and shame the administrators of Cleveland Metropolitan School District for their collective stupidity. 

And, brace ourselves for more stupidity and the destruction of come...


Appalling,'s beyond comprehension.  Demolitions for developers continues unabated in NEO. We also have the tax lien flipping game for friends that no one, especially the PD, seems concerned about...  UNREALNEO...

Also, where is this construction debris being landfilled and at what cost?  And, where is the landfill where the City of Cleveland dumps our garbage for $33.76 a ton as reported today?

I smell organized crime....

beehive school

Thanks Jeff for posting these pictures for me, its a shame what they are doing I went to this school from grade 4th to 6 back in the 60's    Hawk

Hawk, you are very

Hawk, you are very welcome.  Thanks for taking the demolition images.   There were enought excellent terra cotta hollow blocks in that school to build a lot of north insulated walls for green houses. 

best, jeffb


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