Blogger PERMANENTLY Interrupted - Tim Russo transitions his web voice

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 11/12/2009 - 22:18.

Every post I make to Realneo has me considering how much of me, how much of my heart,  is it sensible to put out there. ? 

And if  the time taken is to make a difference, should it be spent here on Realneo?


We have a cadre of passionate bloggers in (Real)neo, and like him or not, Tim Russo is one of them.   So was  Adam Harvey - 'til he terminated Tremonter and pulled the server.  I felt a wince.  

But we change our outlooks and have the right to do so.  Here are  Mr. Russo's  comments as he closed Blogger Interrupted.  Every consistent reporter on the web has felt what Mr. Russo describes:

"This blog, as important as it’s been to me, is a part of that past, been that way for a while.  I once thought there’d be some big life changing moment when I knew for certain that I’d turned a corner, but it doesn’t work like that.  No applause, no big payday, no choirs of angels serenading a happy ending, no victory lap.'


But we web writers just take a deep breath, and hit our head against reality again....

Good luck with Plunderbund - and keep the old archives live please.


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Company we keep

Everyone--whether they like it, or not-- is judged by the company they keep...good luck to Tim Russo.  His last post at Blogger Interrupted is eloquent. 

(JB--don't you dare join any of the competing "crazy" network blogs--you, and your fabulous photos, belong here :)


7/1/2016 And, apparently, REALNEO's company is still despised by the political status quo in NEO - for reference, here is Tim  Russo's orginal blog archived at the Wayback Machine:

And, gender is still fair game when it comes to party politics in Northeast Ohio.