Blue Happy

Submitted by lmcshane on Mon, 07/25/2016 - 16:22.

 I just got back from my summer, happy place - the Frostburg Pool.  I sometimes wonder why I have to travel to find this paradise.  Afterall, Cleveland has Lake Erie.

But, I can't seem to relax in Cleveland.  I always feel some dread.  I hate seeing trash on the streets and abandoned houses.  I go to Frostburg, Maryland, and it is clean - there is pride in place.  The Frostburg Pool is crystal clear and COLD.  Kids are laughing and families are civil towards each other.  There is a diving board.

Cleveland is better now that we have a Metropark reservation at Edgewater Park on Lake Erie.  I credit the Metroparks for this new society in Cleveland.  Our City has never looked better.  Let's keep it up and, maybe, I don't have to go to Frostburg to find my blue happy.

How cool is this - a young man from Old Brooklyn recorded his summer memories swimming at the City of Brooklyn Pool (all technically "Old Brooklyn" former Brooklyn Twp).

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Secret machinations of Forest City controlled CDCs CLECouncil


Despite all of the great hype on our city - we still have leaders who operate with a cloaked government mentality.  Cities like Chicago, Phildadelphia, Boston, Washington D.C., and Pittsburgh are moving to open and transparent government.

Meanwhile, Frank Jackson and Armond Budish and the local media controlled by the Forest City -Greater Cleveland Partnership PAC (See Council Leadership Fund) hunker down and continue to operate "old school" - rewarding party loyalists and exploiting federal dollars, rather than generating a sustainable economy.

I attended a trail conference in Pittsburgh meant to connect regional assets.  I will report, back.  Folks want a quality of life that Cleveland and Northeast Ohio can offer to companies like Marriott International - looking to relocate their world headquarters.  The hospitality industry is often the first job where immigrants to this country can find work.  I am making a pitch to Marriott (where the event is being held) to relocate to Cumberland, MD, instead.