Bodnar-Mahoney BOZA Resolution

Submitted by ritter et al on Sat, 03/14/2009 - 18:09.

Here is a copy of the BOZA resolution denying Bodnar-Mahoney's request for a zoning variance to add a crematorium to their site.

BZANoCrem.pdf536.27 KB

walking away

  So does this mean the crematorium will be located elsewhere?  Will there be an appeal?  Is there such a thing as a "green burial" in the United States?

there is one located elsewhere-

 down in the flats - less than a mile from his proposed site.

Unfortunately, rumor has it that Mahoney and our dear Abe Bruckman are trying for a different site - still in Ohio City. Thats because Abe Bruckman is such a good and considerate person and tries to do what the people in Ohio City want.

Apparently, cremation$ are becoming more popular in the US and Mr. Mahoney want$ a cut on the ca$h.

HUD $$$

  Good ole Abe and Sheryl guess would be that there are no crematoriums in the NPI/SII Bay Village enclave that includes their beautiful HUD-financed home.

Also, interesting to note how the media was all over the straw buyers on the east side of Cleveland in Brancatelli's part of town, but no mention of the straw buyers on this part of town....Hmmm.  It's okay to prosecute someone of the "right" color?

the one down the street

 from Mr. Mahoney?? oh wait - thats right he's in Rocky River... do they have mercury spewing crematories there?

Honest Abe

When it comes to Abe and Mr. Mahoney one must wonder what exactly will be "Spewing" in the future? Keep a close eye on this situation before you still get a gas chamber popping up somewhere else in Ohio City. Don't you just love it when Professor Abe gets that red faced grin a going on.