Brancatelli’s Crime at 3684 W 15

Submitted by mabeldog on Thu, 08/12/2021 - 21:04.

This afternoon a young woman was shot in the head and KILLED outside the meth lab at 3684 W 15 in Ward 12. BRANCULA'S ward. The coroner just took her body away. At least 12 residents on W 15 have called Brancatelli's office about this house over the past THREE YEARS. And 3 others now gone. Nothing Brancula can do his rude Secretary told the callers who actually got through. The others left many voice mail messages and emails that were not returned. The property which is owned by Sandra Jones is in tax foreclosure for over $8000. Nothing Brancula can do to move that process along either though since he has ONLY been taking up space on City Clowncil for 16 years. Or something. Sandra has a felony warrant as does another 'squatupent" at the meth lab RINGLEADER Kenneth Morgan. Big K is capias.  And 3 other part time "residents' Morgan Perry, Phillip Wheeler and Arnold Moorman. Never let it be said that the squatupents at 3864 W 15 aren't very resourceful. They have been stealing electricity from the house next door. since CPP FINALLY cut off their power. Nothing the clowncil"man" can do his girl told the neighboring property owner. Brancula is way too busy with his side job at the Land Bank handing out properties to his special friends to offer assistance to his constituents in Brooklyn Centre. The cops who patrol the area told me the address is handed out to felons on their way out the door of Ohio's penitentiaries. One of them told me Brancula's office has told people to call the cops. mmmmhmmm. He has and so has his girl. "Don't bother US", they tell callers from Ward 12. "Call the police." But as an ancient member of City 'clowncil" Brancula know how to pull strings when he feels like it.  But mostly to exact revenge against the residents of Brooklyn Centre who aren't on his Special Friends list. One night a "resident" at 3684 W 15 drove down the street shooting at houses and cars. Brancula's office was called and the secretary told everyone to call the police. I called Building and Housing and the Health department last fall and both departments sent out inspectors who issued a myriad of citations to the owner Sandra Jones. The inspectors were very helpful and went out within a week after I called. Isn't this the kind of service Brancula should be providing for $86,000 per year he is paid instead of getting his girl to tell his constituents he can't do anything about problems like this. Or ANY problems really. Why should he? So now Brancula has blood on his hands. A young woman is dead shot through the head while sitting in her truck. IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. The residents around W.C. Reed Field tried to stop it. The cops tried to stop it . And Brancatelli did NOTHING. VOTE BRANCULA OUT. ANYBODY but him.

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Murder in Ward 12 Brancula

Murder in Ward 12 Brancula did nothing to stop

Brancatelli is EVIL

He is Fucking EVIL.  He knows that properties are flipping in his ward without paying taxes - Why was this woman allowed to purchase this property - the previous owners should be made to pay the back taxes before transferring. This is one of many loopholes Cuyahoga Land Bank crew knows about and did NOTHING while Rokakis-Frangos served as Treasurer-Deputy Treasurer at Cuyahoga County.


Primary Owner
Property Address
3684 W 15 ST Cleveland,OH 44109
Tax Mailing Address
Legal Description
Property Class
Parcel Number
Tax Year  
2020 Pay 2021
2019 Pay 2020
2018 Pay 2019
2017 Pay 2018
2016 Pay 2017
2015 Pay 2016
2014 Pay 2015
2013 Pay 2014
2012 Pay 2013
2011 Pay 2012
2010 Pay 2011
2009 Pay 2010
2008 Pay 2009
2007 Pay 2008
2006 Pay 2007
2005 Pay 2006
2004 Pay 2005
2003 Pay 2004
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Tax Bill

Assessed Values  
Land Value $3,500  
Building Value $10,290  
Total Value $13,790  
Homestead Value $  
Half Year Charge Amounts  
Gross Tax $885.52  
Less 920 Reduction $222.11  
Sub Total $663.41  
Non-business Credit $54.38  
Owner Occupancy Credit $13.59  
Homestead Reduction Amount $.00  
Total Assessments $.00  
Half Year Net Taxes $595.44  
Market Values  
Land Value $10,000  
Building Value $29,400  
Total Value $39,400  
Full Rate 128.43  
920 Reduction Rate .250827  
Effective Rate 96.216242  
Owner Occupancy Credit Y
Homestead Reduction N
Foreclosure Y
Cert. Pending N
Cert. Sold N
Payment Plan N
Escrow N
Payment Amount $.00

Tax Balance Summary
Balance Due
2020 (pay in 2021) Charge and Payment Detail
Taxset Charge Type Charges Payments Balance Due
  Prior year tax - 2016 $558.85 $.00 $558.85
  Prior year tax - 2019 $1,101.14 $.00 $1,101.14
  Prior year penalty - 2016 $55.89 $.00 $55.89
  Prior year penalty - 2019 $170.69 $.00 $170.69
  Prior year penalty - 2018 $170.13 $.00 $170.13
  Prior year interest - 2018 $130.81 $.00 $130.81
  Prior year penalty - 2017 $174.59 $.00 $174.59
  Prior year interest - 2019 $305.87 $.00 $305.87
  Prior year tax - 2017 $1,126.42 $.00 $1,126.42
  Prior year tax - 2018 $1,097.50 $.00 $1,097.50
  Prior year August interest - 2020 $364.47 $.00 $364.47
  Prior year interest - 2017 $24.59 $.00 $24.59
  December interest - 2020 $105.62 $.00 $105.62
  DELQ BALANCE $5,386.57 $.00 $5,386.57
  1st half penalty $59.54 $.00 $59.54
  1st half tax $595.44 $.00 $595.44
  1ST HALF BALANCE $654.98 $.00 $654.98
  2nd half penalty $125.03 $.00 $125.03
  2nd half tax $595.44 $.00 $595.44
  2ND HALF BALANCE $720.47 $.00 $720.47
  December SPA fee interest - 2020 $.20 $.00 $.20
  December interest - 2020 $19.98 $.00 $19.98
  Prior year tax - 2019 $864.90 $.00 $864.90
  Prior year penalty - 2019 $134.08 $.00 $134.08
  Prior year SPA fee - 2019 $8.64 $.00 $8.64
  Prior year SPA fee penalty - 2019 $1.33 $.00 $1.33
  DELQ BALANCE $1,029.13 $.00 $1,029.13
  Prior year SPA fee - 2019 $.36 $.00 $.36
  December SPA fee interest - 2020 $.01 $.00 $.01
  Prior year tax - 2019 $36.81 $.00 $36.81
  Prior year penalty - 2019 $5.70 $.00 $5.70
  December interest - 2020 $.85 $.00 $.85
  Prior year SPA fee penalty - 2019 $.06 $.00 $.06
  DELQ BALANCE $43.79 $.00 $43.79
    Charges Payments Balance Due
Total Balance   $7,834.94 $.00 $7,834.94

Update! Brancula JUST FOUND OUT about the murder TODAY!!

One of the law abiding tax paying residents of W 15, which is everybody on the street EXCEPT Sandra Jones and kingpin mob boss Ken Morgan who is capias, and their crime partners, between the Meth Lab at 3684 and the corner at Denison,  actually GOT THROUGH to Brancatelli's Girl Saturday this morning. She AND Brancula JUST FOUND OUT TODAY about the gangland slaying in HIS WARD. At a house where the criminal activities have been reported to him constantly for over 3 YEARS! Wow right? 5 WHOLE days later. After the murder. There are only 2 possibilities. He's lying which is SOP for Brancula OR and this is ACTUALLY WORSE, he has so little interest or concern for the residents of Ward 12 that the shootings and killings and robberies and car jackings and home invasions and meth lab explosions that harm the predominantly law abiding residents of his ward that he just doesn't care and doesn't EVEN pretend that he is going to respond! Today though his girl Mary Lou was uncharacteristically pleasant and acted and I do mean ACTED shocked and concerned. Hmmmmmm. Could it possibly be that Brancula is concerned he MIGHT not get re-elected? Asking for a friend

Pleading to all CLE VOTERS do NOT vote for Kelley, Kucinich

 Today is my birthday - If you are my friend, I am pleading that YOU DO NOT VOTE for Kevin Kelley, Dennis Kucinich, Basheer Jones or Sandra Williams. They are all compromised by their association with Tony Brancatelli, the Ratners, Rokakis, Frangos and the Land Bank. 

Justin Bibb is not perfect, but HE IS NOT compromised.  He has not accepted property from the above people.  He is most likely affiliated with former Mayor Mike White (who also celebrates his birthday today) and the Mandel Foundation, who is behind the shadow politics of CDCs in our region.  I know it is impossible to work against the system.  Brian Cummins and Nelson Cintron discovered that reality, when they tried.  I am asking you to give Justin Bibb your vote.  There is no other choice.