BREAKING REPORT=> Cleveland Police Given “Stand Down” Order at RNC – Protesters to Wreak Havoc on Republicans and City

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Michael Cernovich at Danger and Play has this very disturbing report today.

The Cleveland police has issued a stand down order to officers— During next week’s Republican Convention.

We know what happened the last time this stand down order was given
Far Left protesters BEAT THE HELL Out of Trump Supporters in San Jose–
trump supporters beaten

Danger and Play reported:

Although the radical left has days of protests planned and has a history of protests, the Cleveland police has issued a stand down order to officers, I can exclusively report.

Remember when thugs from the left attacked Trump supporters at his San Jose rally? The San Jose mayor and police chief claimed it would have been “too dangerous” for officers to do their jobs by defending Trump supporters.

That same “logic” is being applied by Cleveland officials, who have given up on even trying to control the radical left.

If you’re attending the RNC, do not travel alone. Be street smart and travel in groups.

Police will not help you.


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