Submitted by DesireeSchmitt on Thu, 12/17/2009 - 14:38.

Went in front of Pianka today -  short update - case dismissed!!! 

Thank you everyone for your support!

However, Tom Bell is in the same situation, if you get a chance this weekend and you are in the Tremont area, drive by the Flying Monkey.. the house immediately (adjoining) behind the Flying Monkey (facing Professor) is on the condemed/demolition list..!!!

I've invited Tom to join the discussion here.. everyone was very instrumental in stopping the craziness.

Off to work.. I'll post more later..



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Hon. J. Pianka sounds OK

Hello Des,

Dismissed just in time to make your Holidays a little more cheerful!  Excellent.

I heard Mr. Pianka speak about his Polish heritage and his interest in geneology and DNA tracking of geneology on the Cleveland radio two Sundays ago.   The Judge actually sounded like a Realneo-kind-of-guy.

He mentioned that a stained glass window had gone missing from the old Polish church at E33rd and Payne  when the church was vacated and sold.  

If anyone knows what happened to that window let the Judge know.

best, jeffb

des did you have it dismissed with prejudice - should have

des did you have it your case  dismissed with prejudice - you should have because they can't bring it back - without prejudice they can bring it back- in any form

if good judge ray p. dismissed without file a motion for him to dismiss with-

a motion is easy to file - the court will help you - or i can

yogi and guy

everyone was very instrumental in stopping the craziness

Des, congratulations!

Tom Bell and others should post such concerns here.

I had previously noticed REALNEO has consistent, significant traffic from the Cleveland Municipal Court - see dashboard of traffic over the past year below. People there monitor REALNEO closely, as they should. Good work for being on the ball and knowing where to find the real NEO, Cleveland Municipal Court - Season's Greetings, welcome to REALNEO, and feel free to join the discussion any time now!

2009 website traffic to REALNEO from Cleveland Municipal Courts

Disrupt IT

the "eyes"

 have it -- congratulations!!!

Does this mean you can go tell Samuel and Joseph to suck it?

btw, not that its a related topic, my friend was in from Cali and I took him out to the fabulous "Tremont". Both places we went in smelled like sewer and bleach the moment we walked in... we left the first because of it and left the second as well... who can eat or drink when it smells that horrid - what is UP with tHAt????