Happy St. Patrick's Day from REALNEO, 2009

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 03/18/2009 - 12:40.

Irish Eyes were smiling across downtown Cleveland for a beautiful St. Patrick's Day parade 2009... 67 in the shade! Please enjoy my favorite photos below, and from the annual St. Patrick's Day St. Baldrick's head shaving here...

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I love the photos and citizen journalism

Norm, I love these photos.  I especially love the float featuring beautiful girls of all cultures, Irish for a day!  I love parades.  We need more of them.  The drums and the bands make everyone forget their differences, remember our shared humanity, and celebrate life.

(Norm--NEO has another phenomenal photographer/writer covering stories that impact our lives here--Jeff Sugalski has provided a useful recap of the stories covering the Cleveland City Council redistricting here.)

1,000s of great citizen journalists in town.. need 1,000,000s

I'm one of so many people capturing life here every day. So are you. So is Jeff (lots of Jeffs, I know).

The point of the next phase of our work together - REAL COOP INFO, ICEarth, REALNEO 3.0, Citizen Dashboard and all - is to empower the individual to control their community and build their new economy at the highest level, including writing the news and providing the documentation that informs us all... however and whatever that may be. In using revolutionary social data ownership and management models and technologies, including infomediation of citizen journalist intellectual property, we may change all the rules and ways the community functions, in very short time.

Hell, we already did all that... now to perfect IT.

All the world will soon know the work of Jeff Sugalski as well as do you and I, and all the Jeffs will be better compensated by the free markets for being the best possible citizens, in the best possible community!

Think of this as turning 1984 upside down, and putting the power of authoritative technology in the hands of the individuals. The authoritative technology is here, in our lives avery day, and has been since 1984. It is time to take authority of your data, within the system, and design the system for individuals going forward.

That is not as disruptive as it sounds... unless you want to be in authority. If so, you are screwed..

My personal side focus is creating more citizen journalists in my part of town. That digital divide that our failed IT and government leadership here have never bothered to bridge for the poor has really left the poor people 10 years behind those in developed communities - we have a primative subculture created by our intellectuals, and one must wonder why?

I hold our old economy digital divide geniuses in town personally responsible for enslaving these people.

Now, we the people need to fix all that, as we build the optimal virtual community for all.

And the Cleveland Foundation, Case and OneCommunity had better stop wasting all the public funding for that, and stop diverting it to benefit their supporters.

It is time for the failed leadership here get out of the people's way to a healthy new economy!

Disrupt IT

I moved your favorite to the top...

And I featured my favorite photo in a new feature - check out separated at birth and let me know what you think!

Disrupt IT