Can Man in Cleveland, Ohio - There's so much Opportunity in USA

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 11/10/2013 - 13:21.

This  man is living the shopping cart lifestyle in Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America.   
The man doesn't want to work, so instead of working, he pulls a shopping cart through town picking up bits of metal and aluminum beverage cans.   An aluminum can brings about a penny in scrap.   So, since he doesn’t want to work, he collects a hundred cans in order to get a dollar. This is not work.
His  load is a bit more difficult than some to analyze from an image like this, but it looks to me that there are silhouettes of beverage cans in the black plastic bag.   The wood?  Not sure. looks like it could be a door frame.
Ohio legislators have kept things smart in Ohio, no deposit, no return.   Way to go.   Instead of a nickel or a dime as in many “progressive” states, Ohio doesn’t give a damn.   So, it’s a penny - only because China wants the aluminum.   And the landscape is littered.  GO OHIO!





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