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 RE: Sweethearts Café Expansion 3610 Superior Ave., Cleveland, OH

STOP the Expansion Today! Presently they are existing as a nightclub with a dance floor, and expanding the parking lot!


The Bar wishes to expand from a capacity of 155 clientele to 500 clientele capacity nightclub, with only 54 parking spaces. The residents of the community have spoken and wish to stop the Sweethearts Café Expansion, and/or close the establishment.

The people of Cleveland deserve a peaceful, clean, quiet residential area to live, work, and play. The children in the area, deserve an uplifting, peaceful environment as well!

We do not need more bars, nightclubs in the area!

Carol Johnson, Chairwoman

Board of Zoning Appeals

Cleveland City Hall

601 Lakeside Avenue

Cleveland, OH 44114




Dear Chairwoman Johnson:

Write your letter today to STOP the Expansion

or Attend the Board of Appeals Meeting

November 29, Monday,9:30am, Room 415

oe Email your Letter to : 




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Just wanted to stop and say "HOWDY" and WELCOME BACK... I sure did miss all your journalism....and all the work you do for all of "US" by keeping "US" posted.

Thank you mytown55.  I

Thank you mytown55. 

I didn't really leave.  I went through a couple of weeks of computer problems and also started sitting with my grandkids several days a week.  My mom had hand surgery - my brother came in from down South.......all that along with attending Catania's court hearings, trying to keep up with the many many community time no longer seems to be my own.

However, things are on the verge of getting back to normal (if you can call it that).  Some really interesting stories are on the very near horizon for the Plain Press.  2011 is going to rock some socks.

Another reason for not posting a lot is simply not to alert the powers that be what I'm up to and working on.

Just be patient.....Santa Clause is coming to town!!!



Santa Claus is coming to town.....He sure will be...

I knew about your computer....I screamed a shout to heaven...and  said...Give that woman a computer....I want to hear "WHAT SHE HAS TO SAY!!!  Have a blessed holiday season....hopefully, I will see you soon.

I do believe in prayers and

I do believe in prayers and apparently someone was listening so thank you for your assistance.

My investigative time is also short since I have been spending a lot of time at the son's home.  The kids beg me not to leave so it's really hard when I put my jacket on and start out the door. 

I will be spending a bit of time at City Hall in the next couple of weeks - looking into more city records and.....on the news front

For several months I have been attending Ward 14 Community Engagement meetings set up by Councilman Cummins.  As part of a new strategic plan he invited Councilmen from three other Wards that surround Ward 14.  He invited Ward 16 Councilman Westbrook, Ward 15 Councilman Zone and Ward 3 Councilman Joe Cimperman.  It was Cummins' hope to unite the communities and bring parts of the West Side together.  Throughout the engagement process, Councilman Westbrook, Councilman Zone and Councilman Cummins attended and took part in the planning for more sustainable neighborhoods, however, Ward 3 Councilman Cimperman did not attend nor participate in any of the meetings. 

Ward 14 Tremont makes up a large portion of the Tremont Community.  So far, Councilman Cummins is the only one whose had the nerve to say - I'll just take my greenback elsewhere if you don't want to play ball with me.

Maybe if TWDC starts losing funds ($100,000), eyes will atart to open and they'll get the message.






Did the FBI haul Cimperman Away?


Disrupt IT

What do I say about

What do I say about Councilman Cimperman?  My experience in attempting to sit on the same pew as our honorable councilman turned out to be most disappointing.  He came on so strong and sweet that I just couldn't understand how anyone could doubt his sincerity but I didn't even have to sing out of tune for him to slowly but surely nudge me off the bench - found my a... sitting on the floor.



Same experience I had with Cimperman on lead poisoning

Same experience I had with Cimperman on lead poisoning. I personally asked him to get involved with the Greater Cleveland Lead Advisory Council and he personally accepted my challenge and then sent an assistant to a few meetings and never did what he promised - and 1,000s more kids in his ward and region-wide were lead poisoned than necessary.

If the councilpeople will not step up and do the right things about lead poisoning, what will they do right?

The Aspen Institute considers "Removing Lead from Gasoline—and from the Air" the #1 accomplishment EVER for the EPA, since their founding 40 years ago after the Cuyahoga River caught fire - yet Cleveland remains the most lead poisoned community in the country.

You now know why.

Listen to EPA Director Lisa Jackson's vision for sustainability for America at Audio of launch event

Posted at - very exceptional!

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the entertainment industry is sure to be

 the entertainment industry is sure to be in high gear with the plans for the downtown casino taking shape.