Can you prevent a murder? - 'You Can't Stop Murder' by Homicide lt. detective Stephen Tabeling - retired - also 'Why Do We Kill

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It's a question that's meant to be both provocative and meaningful. Can we, as a community, put an end to the most heinous of crimes? Could we, with more policing, stricter laws, or greater transparency stop a criminal from taking a life?

It's also an issue that former Baltimore City Homicide detective Stephen Tabeling has much to say about. Lieutenant Tabeling is a cop who investigated some of the most notorious murders in Baltimore throughout the tumultuous and violent decade of the 1970s. He is also another law enforcement expert who has partnered with SpotCrime to tackle the topic that encompasses everything we do: how to make the communities we serve safer.

His take on the vexing question of what can be done, if anything to prevent the violent taking of a life, doesn't hew to the popular philosophy of beefing up police departments and building more prisons. In fact, in his book 'You Can't Stop Murder', Tabeling argues quite the opposite. He says policing has become too militarized, too reliant on tactical training, and surprisingly, ignorant of the law.

To prove his point, Tabeling takes the reader inside some of his most challenging cases. His battle to stop a mysterious vigilante group named Black October after they gunned down a drug dealing politician. The chilling tale of a sociopathic shooter who burst into City Hall on a murderous quest to assassinate the mayor. He even divulges the intimate details of a now famous case he solved of the brutal death of a five year old boy whose body was never found. Throughout, Tabeling uses real life examples to illustrate both the potential for, and limits to, fighting crime by policing. A discussion that ultimately reveals what we can and cannot do to prevent murder.

Tabeling is joined by investigative reporter Stephen Janis, the author of our first venture into publishing - the book called 'Why Do We Kill?', a collaboration between Janis and Baltimore homicide detective Kelvin Sewell that delves in the contemporary mayhem which currently afflicts the streets of the city I call home.

Together, I hope both these efforts prompt a frank and open discussion about the best way to fight crime. Certainly at SpotCrime we believe firmly that transparency is the most effective tool for building a better and safer community. That's why I founded this company five years ago and the reason I continue to fight every day for your right to know about crime in your community.

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