to catch an iraq se­cret ser­vice agent kid­nap­per - guy templeton black f.b.i. con­gressper­son mar­tin hoke, oth­er gov­er­

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in febuary, of 1994, i worked with the f.b.i., con­gressper­son mar­tin hoke, oth­er gov­er­ment agents, the me­dia and the fam­i­ly of the kid­napped son and the moth­er that was al­most mur­dered by the fa­ther of the boy in bul­gar­ia, and kid­napped his son and the fa­ther turned out to be an iraq se­cret ser­vice agent -​i vol­un­teered to have my phone num­ber 861-​7368, stat­ed and shown on the telelvi­sion news sto­ry by chan­nel 43, that if any­one wants to help get the kid­napped boy back -​ hon­est or dis­hon­est -​ call 861-​7368, this was to help get the iraq se­cret ser­vice agent or oth­ers to con­tact me and have the sol­diers of for­tune types, re­tired gov­er­ment agents and mil­i­tary to get in­volved and track the iraq se­cret ser­vice agent un­of­fi­cialy and of­fi­cialy. - guy still has that same phone  number 861-7368-
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