Citizens are as smart as Wasps - Community Insulation can prove it

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 12/02/2009 - 16:52.
This Community Insulation  post is the first plank in my Cuyahoga County Executive campaign platform.
Community Insulation is where citizen comfort begins.    
When you are cold  (or too hot) you don’t feel very civic, friendly, or concerned about others.   Cuyahoga citizens don't have to suffer - after all we're no longer cave men. 
When elected as your next County Executive, I will re-porpose the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority to be the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Insulation Authority.
Bonds will be obtained from Wall Street to fund the insulation to R 60 of every dwelling unit in Cuyahoga County.   Money not spent on wasted heating and cooling will pay down the bonds. 
Labor will be developed through the On Demand Work Corps and other public programs
Thermal imaging cameras will image the infra red heat profile of every dwelling.  Fire retardant cellulose insulation will be blown in to every exterior wall and every ceiling.   And the dwelling will be thermally imaged again.   Then the contractor will be paid.   Thank you very much.
When the program is complete in two years, every citizen in Clevehoga will have the same efficient, warm, encapsulation as the wasps in the image had (this colony is vacant and the bottom fell off - enabling the close up image). 
If wasps are smart enough and able enough to afford excellent insulation, so can Cuyahoga County.


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Jeff Buster for Cuyahoga County Executive

  Sounds good to me :)

A nice warm home in the

A nice warm home in the winter and a nice comfortable home in the summer would certainly improve my mood.  Good suggestion Jeff Buster.  Where do I sign to get your name on the ballot?

plank one

I was so taken by the great photo (again) that I just read the text. You are pretty funny, JBuster.  Awaiting Plank Two. You have until June to file, so don't feel rushed unless you have a lot of planks.