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Epistemology.  How do you know what you know?  In the past, the print media controlled much of what we knew and our thought process on issues.  Has that changed with the Internet and citizen reporting?  

The Cleveland City Club held a forum at the Happy Dog last night - I thank Sean Watterson for calling my attention to the event. The Happy Dog holds this ad hoc forum, City Club Takes on the World,  every first Tuesday of the month.  It is a phenonmenal outreach tool on the part of the Cleveland City Club under Dan Moulthrop - building an audience in the younger citizenry of Northeast Ohio.  Follow last night's speaker Global Voices Executive Director Ivan Sigal on Twitter @ivonotes

Like REALNEO, Global Voices depends on volunteer journalists from across the world to report on the conditions they experience in their day-to-day existence.  Established in 2011, Global Voices will help you get perspective- these are the links:


Norm Roulet, who set up REALNEO in 2004, also recognized the significance of the City Club -this great institution and forum. Please see the book he created here:

If you have any questions about City Club membership, please contact Mike Crimaldi at mcrimaldi [at] cityclub [dot] org. 

The City Club posts their podcasts, which will include this series on Global Voices- please support Civic Journalism and the City Club.

Global perspective

Thanks again to Sean Watterson for bring his friend Ivan Sigal back to Cleveland for this amazing evening at the Happy Dog.  It was good to be able to briefly discuss the world language bank and the online journalism of students at Lincoln West High School with Joy Roller of Global Cleveland.

Please support these brilliant students :)



Ivan Sigal, Executive Director of Global Voices, a volunteer community of more than 800 writers, analysts and online media experts, discusses how you can get smarter about the world with City Club CEO Dan Moulthrop in our monthly program at the Happy Dog.

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