CLE Open for Business - but it is still Pay to Play

Submitted by lmcshane on Tue, 08/02/2016 - 19:07.

 Here's a big not-so-secret - Frank Jackson hired his former girlfriend - Merle Gordon - to head up the dysfunctional City of Cleveland Health Department.  The City of Cleveland has a cronyism problem with pretty much every dysfunctional department at City Hall (Building and Housing, Community Development).  But, the news media won't do any hard-hitting investigation, because the Greater Cleveland Partnership has to keep the status quo, until they can find another puppet to run the city.

Besides the obvious incompetence at the City of Cleveland Health department, as pertains to addresssing lead poisoning - city health inspectors are also supposed to file their restaurant inspections on line using the technology - supposedly implemented under Matt Carroll - when he was director of the health department (under Jane Campbell).

That database is a joke - just ran another article on food violations in restaurants.  The data should raise a lot of questions about the inspection process and reporting.  But, hey,  this is CLE.  We're open for business, but only when you PAY to PLAY - and obviously, some restaurants aren't going to pay off the inspectors.

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