CLE Ord. No 496-10 has been TABLED

Submitted by briancummins on Mon, 05/24/2010 - 19:23.

At this evening's Cleveland City Council meeting, Ordinance Number 496-10, the 10-year no-bid contract for LED products and a promise of 350 jobs from Sunpu Opto has been tabled! -- suspend consideration of a pending motion.  For all intents and purpose the Ordinance appears to be dead.  There will be further discussions as to why the Ordinance was tabled.  It was expected to be voted on as early as Monday June 7th.

Although the Ordinance may be dead.  The issue should be kept alive.  The City should still be pursuing a strategy to procure and enter the market of LED Lighting, only now, in a way that is more transparent, open and competitive and based on the merits and credibility of the companies and products that respond to the City's needs.

News Updates --

Mayor Frank Jackson kills Sunpu-Opto deal, says city will start over again to find LED light supplier
By Mark Gillispie, The Plain Dealer May 24, 2010

Cleveland's controversial light deal with a China based company is dead Council tables the measure at Mayor's request
By: John Kosich, 5/24/2010's-controversial-light-deal-with-a-china-based-company-is-dead

Brian J. Cummins
Cleveland City Councilman, Ward 14

With good leadership, there is abundant opportunity

Abundant in Chinese

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With good leadership, there shall be abundant opportunity for all real innovators in NEO...

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Marvelous news!

This was an attampt to make a deal, and perhaps CLE's leaders can learn from it.

I noticed that there was some confusion by observers as to exactly what kind of lighting was involved in this "deal."

The public process of providing useful information to all can come in mighty handy yet in this issue!

It was wonderful to see the outpouring of pertinent information from local folks who have the time and ability to produce cogent observations. Thank you to Councilman Cummins who has taken the care to look into this "deal" in detail. And thank you to Ed Morrison for his indefatigable evergoing analysis of the the "deals" as they roll by.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Someone Cares

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                               Thank you Councilman Cummins for your support, and concern. It moves me to know that someone cares. THANK YOU!


There are many more bad deals like this one to unravel, but for tonight--thank you Brian for speaking out against this miserable mess and disaster averted.


Dear Friend:


Tonight, I asked Cleveland City Council to table the legislation that would have authorized the City of Cleveland to move forward with a requirement contract for LED lighting products with Sunpu-Opto Semiconductor Co., LTD. 


As part of my own review of the process, I came to the conclusion that my announcement regarding finalizing an agreement with Sunpu-Opto in my March 4th State of the City address came in the middle of a process that was not yet completed and therefore was premature.  For this reason, we will start the process over. This process will lead to an economic development project that will leverage the City’s purchasing power to create jobs, attract business investment, build a sustainable economy by the year 2019, reduce the City’s energy consumption and reduce the city’s lighting bill through the purchase of LED lighting technology. 


Tomorrow, my staff will begin providing me with recommendations on moving forward to achieve this vision and ensure that these goals are met.   As we move forward, please be assured that I will keep you updated on our progress and the next steps the City of Cleveland will be taking to revitalize our economy in new and innovative ways.




Frank G. Jackson, Mayor

City of Cleveland


Brian Cummings

Leadership!   thank you for all of your work on this and for keeping Cleveland well informed.

well done