Cleveland 99.9% Distressed per US census

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 03/02/2016 - 10:52.
Cleveland 99.9% Distressed per US census

This study based on US census was just released yesterday and Cleveland tops the USA list with a score of 99.9% "distressed".
Frankly, this study has the right "feel" to me...and honestly represents the reality around Cleveland....
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no significant response to Cleveland being 99.9% distressed

 It is telling that the "distressed Cleveland report" conversations and comments from the commercial, establishment media in Cleveland are so limp...

Discussions (on  Sound of Idea March 1,2,and 3rd) were the usual mumble...  Sabrina Eaton at did post the news 

Phillip Morris comments on the report here at

Ohio 47th least "happy" state......we are being lied to...

Here's another report based on data - not from a PR firm - that ranks Ohio's missery level as the 47th out of the 50 states.

 47. Ohio

> Poverty rate: 15.8% (20th highest)
> Unemployment rate: 4.9% (22nd lowest)
> Obesity rate: 32.6% (8th highest)
> Pct. of adults with at least a bachelor’s degree: 26.6% (15th lowest)

Individuals in low income and poor well-being states are actually among the least likely Americans to report a binge drinking habit. In Ohio, however, 18% of adults drink excessively on a regular basis, higher than the national share of 16%.

Unlike many low well-being states, Ohio has an above-average ratio of primary care physicians relative to the population, at 130 per 100,000 people. Despite the relatively strong access to health services, however, Ohioans still report some of the nation’s worst health outcomes, which are likely major drivers of the low reported well-being in the state. The state ranks in the worst 10 for heart attacks, diabetes diagnoses, cancer deaths, and infant mortality.

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