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Move over K and D. Justine has new BFFs to enable his car free vision. "People not cars" says Justine in his recent fundraising memo followed by a word salad "explaining" his exciting new surveillance monitors paid for with scamdemic funds and crime free busstops and, although not in the memo, 24 hour parking meters WEEKENDS included and massive increases in city lot parking fees. While Justine hypocritically rolls around town in one of his THREE tax payer $80,000 limousines. Just like his idol Fauxbama lecturing on climate change while owning not one but TWO multi million dollar OCEAN FRONT properties. The two bad boys of Wolfe Pintus are buying up vacant lots and historic buildings at warp speed under a dizzying array of LLCs without obtaining ANY building permits which a REQUIREMENT under the zoning variance law, until the buildings are completed.  And then when they ARE like the Illuminati Residence at 1866 E 93, they do not pay ANY of their property taxes. They ALREADY owe $20,992. 

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The Kenny and Aggie Show Comes to Town

Kenny Wolfe and his roll dog, semi local boy Agostino Pintus have blown into town with a fist full of heavily leveraged dollars. They could care less about 15 minute cities,  they are here to make a big BIG score. For their specially selected investors, who will be able to sit back and watch the money roll into their bank accounts, on the big returns they will get. 8% 10% the sky is the limit. You don't believe me?? Just watch their inspirational videos. Their "vision" their "mission". It's a marriage made in Questionable Investment Opportunities Heaven. (The unfortunately named) Bulletproof Investments and Wolfe Investments. They have mastered the modern day infomercials, once shown only on late night Tee Vee, Kenny and Aggie have transitioned seamlessly to Youtube. They promise YUUUGE returns but there IS a screening process. NOT everyone will qualify. Because of the tiresome SEC rule 506 B. But for those lucky few who do break through....massive riches and the much desired financial freedom await. With BIG promises and BIGGER debt, the BOYZ are super excited not to have to build any parking for their future residents. Over in 15 minute city land they own 4 parcels, in the HISTORIC University Circle Area, or it the HISTORIC Hough area? ANYWAY 3 of them are currently labeled commercial VACANT Land on the always up to date Fiscal Office website. In reality there are apartment buildings ALREADY going up on all 3 parcels, 2 almost complete, with NO PERMITS REQUESTED. The Geis Boys were there slapping everything together as the infrasture like the HISTORIC sewer lines prepares to be overloaded and collapse. Parcel #11909116 for which a $20,500,000 PROMISSORY NOTE was issued on October, 2022. By Erie Bank. And then there's Parcel#11912099 and Parcel #11912100. And MORE multi million dollar promissory notes from Erie Bank. No permits, no property taxes. Did I mention they also own the HISTORIC Erieview Tower and the HISTORIC Rockefeller Building on Superior, which they plan to turn into MICRO units.  400 or 4000 units RIGHT across from the yet to open SW building. The "pack them in" strategy, of Justine's 15 minute cities suits the Boyz just fine. More people more profit! How FUN to pay $1600 per month to live in a 200 square foot box. Within walking distance of Tower City which has a wide selection of "urban" shoppes.  It is actually refreshing they aren't making phony sanctimonious promises about transitioning to the green new deal and getting rid of cars and being happy not owning anything. They are not about "honoring" the "history" of anything. Like Dame Crowsfeet pretends to do. They are about PROFIT. Pure profit. 

Two van loads of illegals

With Florida Licence plates were dropped off this morning at The Bell, Kenny's overpriced windowless "housing project". Hopefully they are just underpaid migrants and NOT Muslim military aged men and they are being housed and FED. And NOT just given the directions to 21 Jump Street

Mabeldog scoops CRAINS on the Ken and Aggie Show


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Pintus and Wolfe have been hit with a foreclosure case over an older apartment building they own in Euclid. The duo, through Rockefeller Building Associates, also were sued for a small unpaid bill for boarding up the property.

Wolfe also is a principal in the current conversion of the former AT&T/Ohio Bell headquarters building on East Ninth Street to apartments. That project, now called The Bell, is nearing an opening.

The Rockefeller Building also has more than a dozen broken windows on its upper floors that remain open to the vagaries of Cleveland weather

Kenny and Aggie circling the drain taking Cleveland with them

Time for an update on Kenny and Aggie. Kenny's fabulous educamacational videos on Youtube have been cut back to TWO. I know there were more many talking about the fabulous goldmine in Cleveland, including one that mentioned a vacant lot ON A SLOPE off W 25 near Clark where Kenny hinted a WHOLE FOODS would be opening nearby, but they are gone and no more weekly updates. Kenny's VERY complicated get rich kwik schemes TOO complicated to follow but appear to be a 21st century equivalent of an old fashioned pyramid scheme. Now that the Historic Rockefeller Building full of broken windows RIGHT downtown is 4sale and of course behind on their taxes which are as complicated to follow as Wolfe-Investments, AND the historic windowfree units at 45 E 9th parcel #10134001 ALSO behind on taxes $24,656 to the Cleveland Nayboorhood Improvement (isn't that little Justine's TIFF get rich scheme), isn't it time to ask WHO exactly gave Kenny and Aggie the keys to the kingdom. I'm guessing our very own Jeffrey didn't kill himself Epstein and little Mattie Moss who is ALL IN for carfree mandatory living unless of course it applies to him where he is requesting a zoning variance for AN ATTACHED garage for a lot he got FOR FREE in Ohio City. With The Bell's grand opening any minute at 45 E 9th where windowless units of 500 square feet start at $1400. Will Mattie and Jeffrey be there or be square to help little Justin cut the ribbon?

Ask not for whom The Bell tolls

So as the Blues Bros have abandoned The Historic Rockefella building, their other BIG project is The Bell. Due to open the hundreds of micro window free units on June 15, The Bell Apartments website has disappeared. Yes someone must have stolen it. You can call and a disembodied bot with a British accent sez he will text you with information. Where are those fabulous photos  
of stoves and fridges built into a hallway wall. The "creative" longshots making 300 square foot units look like 1000. For all those dreamers excited about paying $1500 per month PLUS utilities for a pie shaped claustrophobic "home"?

I was downtown on Saturday and the Rockefeller building looks just one small step from the wrecking ball. Public Square is a total disaster with garbage and crumbling concrete in piles and horrific smells like feces and urine and rotting dead mammals. Panhandlers everywhere in front of the new "luxury" hotel whatever it's now called. And that hideous way too big Sherwin Williams building totally out of scale with what was once a truly Public Square. Ugh 


NOT affordable in the 15 minute zones

The Blues Brothers focus on B and C type rentals. Whatever THAT is rent at the Illuminati On E 93 starts at $1200 for a 576 square foot "studio". Going up to $2375 for a 2 bedroom. You have to call about parking. But what about affordability? Justine is not in the least bit concerned about the poor. Because once the poor actually get a car, they are not surrendering it to Justine's Green Energy police force. And they won't be turning over their guns either since there are no REAL police anymore. Well off WHITE Karens with their beta male companions are MUCH EASIER TO CONTROL. They will virtuously walk to their favorite restaurant on W 25. Head over to E 93 AND UNION and tell someone sitting on their about Justine's plan to take away their cars and guns. And see their reaction. While you're there ask them what they think about Justine. I've done it.


Non historic properties

The boyz also own non historic multi family properties on Fulton. And Lorain. Or is it Triskett? And possibly eyeing some Dollar Generals and CVS drug stores where "corporate" continues to pay the rent even when the store is shut down. That's another leg on their investment stool. The 4 2 thing or something.

Watch for EDEN to ca$$$$h in at 1874 E 93

Historic Hough and Historic University Circle continue building SUPER expensive tiny boxes for foreign medical students to rent like the packing crate building at 1865 E 93 which looks NOTHING like the rendering that got a permit in April, 2021. You have to look it up by the parcel number which is 11908095 still a "vacant lot" according the to the ALWAYS current Fiscal Office when ACTUALLY the lot has a fully completed building on it AND is ALREADY behind $20,000 in property taxes, AT THE VACANT LOT RATE. The Illuminati, owned by the new boys in town Kenny and Aggie, got a fast tracked approval because they "KNOW" people, according to an article in Neo-trans. Like WHO do they know exactly??  Someone in Justine's 15 minute city orbit, one of his NEW special overpaid posse perchance. How is it these VERY SKETCHY 3rd tier NON property tax paying "developers" get fast tracked by the "planning" department"?? And SPEAKING of NOT paying property taxes, the building RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the Illuminati at 1874 E 93 is owned by NONE OTHER THAN the NON property tax paying NON profit, EDEN aka the Emerald Development Fraud Network. Watch this space as they sell and pocket a yuuuuuge profit for themselves and AT THE SAME TIME create NEW homele$$ people from the current occupants.