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 Laura McShane July 3 2022
Photos: Laura McShane July 2, 2022

I use Twitter, now X, to hashtag #FIREGusFrangos.  This past week, Nick Castele published the latest crime in progress:

Cleveland taxpayers are paying to demolish a property owned by the Cuyahoga County Council president and the Cuyahoga Land Bank is "selling" Cuyahoga County Council President Pernel Jones' property at 8637 Buckeye- an HISTORIC building Jones let fall into disrepair and delinquent on back taxes until this report came out.

Marshall Project reporter Mark Puente also noted that Pernel Jones' business operation on Cedar was similarly tax delinquent until the report.

The roof has collapsed, and the building was damaged by a fire, Beth Mackey with Cleveland’s demolition bureau said at a city planning meeting Tuesday morning. Now Cleveland plans to raze the building at taxpayer expense and stick the funeral home with the $106,355 bill, according to the city.


Jones said he has privately contracted with the Cuyahoga Land Bank to find a buyer for the land. The council president said “no county money whatsoever” is involved in the deal. 


Of course, Nick Castele fails to mention anything about the influx of federal money that Uncle Gus will use to find a BUYER for the site



2023 Strategy Development Grant Recipient

Application Title: Site Readiness and Good Jobs Initiative (SDG)

Lead Applicant: The Fund for Our Economic Future of Northeast Ohio

State(s) Served: Ohio

Applicant-Defined Region: 5 census tracts in what is known as the Opportunity Corridor in the city of Cleveland, OH

Contact: Reanna Karousis (rkarousis [at] thefundneo [dot] org)

Site Readiness and Good Jobs Initiative, led by The Fund for Our Economic Future, will connect land use and growth initiatives with community development in Cleveland, Ohio. The plan aims to leverage investments in the Opportunity Corridor—a former brownfield redevelopment area on the southeast side of the city. Activities include hiring a Recompete Plan Coordinator and necessary staff and funding contracted support for community outreach and strategic implementation planning.

Strategy Development Grant Narrative (PDF)

View Press Release

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15 minute PRISONS for NON Friends of Justine

For SOME reason I confuse Pernel Jones with Ken Johnson. Both elected crooks but only one went to jail. I just love that FABULOUS pan handling proposal. Another million or billion requested from our totally broke federal government for "site readiness" by Justine. Ready for WHAT. Justine's 15 minute peneteniary that's WHAT. Not 69 factories that he lied about which will employ 9834 people. All of it is a huge scam while Justine struts around in his pink tie refusing to answer any questions.

Public RECORD of corruption - TY Lucas Daprile


The irony that a local public official’s decrepit property would be contributing to a city’s blight was not lost on the commission. August Fluker, an architect on the panel asked during the meeting, “Why is the city paying to tear down the property of the business of a county (councilman)?



“We’re worried about out-of-towners coming in, but we have bad players in our community.”

Pernel Jones is not the only person who is a political profiteer thanks to the Rokakis-Frangos engineered CITY of Cleveland AND  Cuyahoga County Land Bank.  Here is a partial list of the crony club:

--Jim Rokakis (Former City Council, Former County Treasurer, Former broker of shady land deals at Western Reserve Land Conservancy)

--GUS Frangos (Former City Council, former Deputy County Treasurer, Now directs Cuyahoga County Land Reutilization Corp CCLB)

--Steven Pontikos (Gus Frangos'- Nephew)

--Cheryl Stephens (Former staffer of the treasurer Jim Rokakis(changed her own property taxes), Executive of Cleveland Heights, candidate for Lt Governor, currently at  Cuyahoga County Council but not running again)
-- Brandon King (Mayor of East Cleveland)

--Ray Pianka (Former City Council Former CDC and Former Housing Court judge-heart attack/deceased after visit from Federal agents)
--Ron O'Leary (Former DDirector B&H, Housing Court now the FIXER
  of records at Board of Revision)

--Tony Brancatelli (Former City Council) 

--Basheer Jones (Former City Council)
--TJ Dow (Former City Council)

--Briana Butler (Former City Program manager in Community Development now at NPI)

--Matt Moss (Cleveland City Planner - former Tremont West CDC employee)

--Brad Sellars (Mayor Warrensville Heights)

--Sharon Dumas (Former Cleveland finance director)

--Ricardo Leon (Former MetroWest CDC person, now at CCLB)

--Jenny Spencer (Former DSCDO staff and now council person appointed by Matt Zone now at WRLC )

--Jeff Ramsey (Former DSCDO staff)

--Steven Rys (Cleveland City Council staff member) 
--Debra Gray  (Current City Council member)
--Jasmin Santana (Current City Council Member)
--Marion "Anita" Gardner (Former City Council Member)

I will update this but these are major protected players to date.

LOOK under any CDC or affiliated non-profit rock and you will find an employee who got an inside deal on a wite out or reduction in property taxes or a sweet land/property transaction.