Cleveland Challenger -" the boldest newspaper anywhere in Ohio" - dynamic and no advertising - good job Mayor Brewer!

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 04/06/2013 - 20:53.

 I have been involved with Realneo since Realneo's inception (along with numerous other hard slugging long time team work reporters here -: ).  

During my involvment with Realneo I have thought about how to improve, jazz up, energize, pump Realneo.  

Of course, re-engineering the Realneo web site takes time and talent.   So, Realneo has remained the same - with almost the same software it started with in 2004.  Stable; but not too dynamic.

So when lmcshane linked up to Mayor Brewer's Cleveland Challenge web news a few weeks back, and I clicked on and opened Cleveland Challenger - I was very impressed - a bit jealous actually.

The persons who have developed the Cleveland Challenge website are to be complimented.   

The images in the flash banner are excellent.  Who provides these great images of Sweeny, Fitzpatric, etc, and others?

A lot of hard work has gone into Cleveland Challenger...and it shows.  

Hat tip to Mayor Eric Brewer for the accomplishment of his team - must be a very competent team.

Sincerely, Jeff Buster

I need to add something more here:  the Cleveland North East Ohio journalism coverage from Mansfield Frazier, Kathy Wray Coleman, and Eric Brewer - though sometimes way-Way out there - are not generally tarnished by journalistic prostitution.   The Dirty Dealer, Steve Litt and others are repeat prostitutes.   The DD publishes  "news" stories - but really those stories are instigated and paid for by the University Circle, Joe Roman, Forest City, Downtown Cleveland Alliance, E 4th Street money folks. 

News in sheep's prostitute clothing....not my cup 'o tea.

My take is that there is more honesty from the press in the HOOD than there is in the Dirty Dealer.



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