cleveland fire dept. heros close loren naji art gallery for violations of fire code may 23 2014 -no death-injury=fire prevention

Dirty Dealer and their pathetic cartoonist...

 Mr. Darcy lives in Avon and is being prompted by the pathetic PD editorial staff to milk this non-issue for all it is worth, since it has generated comments. There are plenty of real news stories to cover in this town, like City of CLE's plan to kill eight massive oak trees in my neighborhood just for the hell of it.

NEO Media Group/PD could and should be directing their righteous indignation towards the Ohio City Community Development Corp controlled by Joe Cimperman and LAND Studio where his wife works - as they knew all about the permit issues and DID nothing to prevent this from happening.  Instead, this is your typical machine politics spin on this story - to attack a resident of Cleveland who makes a difference every day - exposing fraud, exposing corruption. 

Your reporters and this cartoonist should be ashamed of themselves.  Here are just a few of the stories that you should have been covering - exposed by Henry Senyak.


Oh, and BTW - Republicans, if you are paying attention - you may want to make Henry Senyak a keynote speaker at the Republican Convention - as he and Jerleen Justus - exposed Dimora and Russo and their ilk WAAAY before the PD could smell the rot.