cleveland police sgt. shoulders & suspect brad admire 757 brayton criminal family - about stolen police officers truck & gun

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cleveland police sgt shoulder other detective heros interview suspect brad admire  757 brayton criminal family 6-27-2013 - about stolen police officers truck & gun etc, - read story & post - link -


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(UP-DATE:DETECTIVES ASKED QUESTIONS AT 757 BRAYTON - CRIMINAL GANG) CLEVELAND - Police are looking for the suspect who stole a Cleveland police officer’s personal vehicle and gear.Police said Patrick Bishop’s 1986 white/gray Chevrolet Silverado was stolen on Tuesday from Parma. It was then located around 5 p.m. Wednesday in Cleveland on West 8th Street and Brayton Avenue, but several items were missing from the back seat.

Police said Bishop’s Cleveland police shirt, duty belt, handgun, Glock magazines, ammunition, Taser, handcuffs, police badge and ballistics vest were all missing.

Police are asking for your help. If you know anything about this incident call Crimestoppers at 216-252-7463.


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