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To make sure that I understand

Guy is saying that Moss sold his house on W. 12th to Cimperman and Jerleen is saying in the Plain Press story that TWDC sold another house to Moss for zero dollars?? Please correct me if I am not correct.  

no one is correcting me

are they? 

maybe some dots

May some dots are not all that connected as easily as Guy has laid out. Cimperman was not an elected official when Moss was given the house. It is legal for Cimperman to buy a house from someone. When did either Moss go on the board of TWDC? 

search auditor's

 records for the transactions at 2457 west 11th. its there plain as day....


I checked out the information that I received by e-mail  prior to posting.  Sometimes I get stuff that is not correct, so I check before I post.........

I did

and I copied and pasted to my computer a few minutes ago. 


Your picture of the dots has been very helpful. You might be on your own, though, the next time the electric goes out, so keep Jeff S. phone number handy, 

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realneo coop needs safe houses like in my spy days - lights out demolished houses  -  vehicles stolen etc. - assination attempts- have to carry  a gun for protection - character assination- etc.

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yogi and guy