Visualizing the optimal East Cleveland Community for seven generations

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 08/01/2006 - 03:52.

When picturing the 7GEN Community of East Cleveland, anchored at the Star Center, picture a green, safe, dense, technologically innovative, NEO-urban, walkable, healthy, prosperous, active, intergenerational lifelong learning village - a hub and spoke community redevelopment that forms a vibrant village that integrates East Cleveland, University Circle, Glenville and Cleveland Heights.

Picture a one mile circle - half mile radius- with the hub being the Hough Star Complex. That puts within a walkable half mile everything a resident could want and need.

At the heart of the Star Complex is the expanded Intergenerational School, and many other intergenerational learning resources, which will be active 24x7, with constant learning going on at all times, at many levels. The complex will offer childcare at all times, computer help and classes.

To enable workforce development, the complex will provid intergenerational child and day and after care - 24 hours a day for moms who work at nights.


The facility will also have senior amenities like community rooms and private dining - Hot Sauce Williams can provide that as an extention and innovation of their business model. There would also be a cybercafe. There will be very extensive community computing labs and training services,



The Center will provide routine healthcare (huron hosptitals, University Hospitals, MetroHealth the Clinic and all healthcare related schools and social services can rotate.

Absolute center of public transportation including the Red line of the RTA, the Euclid Silverline, and excellent access to all major bus and rail lines in the city, along with excellent street access to I-90, University Circle and downtown, and the east side Heights.


Great visioning and long term thinking

I really enjoyed this post and its proactive, long-term (7-gen) vision.  Really looking forward to plugging in both the organizational and environmental resource listings I am in the process of compiling to fit this vision.   Had a great meeting with Peter Whitehouse yesterday and really see the pieces starting to come together on this one.  Furthermore, got some great advance news on efforts of the Kucinich group to help connect environmental groups and their collaborative strategic visioning via Appreciative Inquiry to efforts and legislative action in Columbus.  Finally we see the evolution of processes specifically designed to produce actionable plans that are backed and funded by state government.  The same models could and should evolve in the Education sphere - we have long been aware of the inconstitutional funding mechanisms that have characterized our public school systems in NEO.  More on this soon!