Star Center for Intergenerational Learning for the world

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 07/29/2006 - 17:46.

As I have been developing the concept of seven generation (7GEN) planning of this region, exploring opportunities for expanding the value of Intergenerational learning and living proven optimal for society by NEO's Intergenerational School and the potentials of East Cleveland to become NEO's healthiest and most progressive and effective community in which to live, and strategizing the highest and best use for the Hough Bakery/Star complex and half-mile neighborhood rooted around there, I have concluded the combination of this complex, progressive seven generation planning, and intergenerational learning and living is the most important potential in urban redevelopment possible for our region, and will be a model looked to by the world as the best for society. Others agree. I expect we will soon be in a position to announce a formal vision for how what I describe above will become a reality for NEO, so I am developing related concepts in this chaper of this book, so we have best practices to leverage in our planning for the NEO 7Gen Village model for the future. Visit the links below for further insight.

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