Hough Bakery becoming the Star

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 07/17/2006 - 06:10.


Those who really know NEO know East Cleveland has some of the best historic property in Ohio, and they know Hough was one of the great businesses in NEO of the last century, having grown from a small storefront shop into a huge enterprise, that baked cakes most locals still treasure in their birthday memories (and which you may still buy at Archie's Lakeshoe Bakery, story here).  Few people connect Hough Bakery to East Cleveland, but for around 50 years Hough operated from a massive historic complex, once a coal distribution center for East Cleveland and then the Star Bakery, now owned and occupied by another great entrepreneurial family, the "Hot Sauce" Williams. Through my friend Abu Alli, I was introduced to the scion of the Hot Sauce Williams family, Lamond, and had the opportunity to explore what is probably over 200,000 square feet of sprawling food preparation and distribution facilities on many acres of prime land literally split between Cleveland and East Cleveland, just one block of the Euclid Corridor, two blocks the University Circle and Case, on high traffic Lakeview Avenue. I'm very familiar with historic property and the development getting underway in University Circle and that area of Cleveland and East Cleveland, and suggested to the Willimas that they should immediately put this property into planning with the rest of the community, and they are very enthusiastic to do that. So, this book is designed to assist with this planning process, for the Williams family, and anyone interested in participating to help develop this property and the community around that should contact me for more information - Norm Roulet at realneo [at] inbox [dot] com. See the links below for more information.



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Crain's quietly notes Bo Knez in EC

Last February, Knez (Triban Investment LLC) bought an acre parcel for $100,000 on Wade Park Avenue near Lakeview Drive that once served as the parking lot for the former Hough Bakeries employees. In a joint venture, he also has the former Hough Bakeries Building on Lakeview under contract and is studying potential uses for it.



Prelude to great hand-off of properties cleared by Land Bank scum...