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: Film Showing and Discussion
This 47 minute enlightening film by Canadian, Paul Grignon

  • Explains that money is created by debt, not by money.
  • Government created money only accounts for less than 5% of the money in circulation. More than 95% of all money in existence today comes from loans, from someone signing a pledge of indebtedness to a bank.
  • Banks can create as much money as we can borrow.
  • Is banking a scam, designed to benefit bankers at the expense of everyone else?

Sponsored by Cleveland Committee on Corporations, the Law and Democracy, Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee


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Gold standard

  The Wizard of Oz is Frank Baum's explanation of the need for the gold standard.

Oz is short for ounce of gold. The gold standard has been replaced by fiat currency.

Wizards of Money???

 Wow..your mentioning Wizards and money jarred a memory loose...seriously...I'd forgotten about this entirely. "Wizards of Money" But as I'm hit with sudden recall it it's actually very telling and important.

I've been working on the bank issue for almost six months now and I'd completely forgotten about this. Not once has it come into my thoughts while researching, writing, or protesting. Very painfully funny...

There once was a radio show called "Wizards of Money" with Smithy as Host. It actually started out with those intro words each week in refenerence to the Wizards of OZ story. The show was actually produced in anominity I think around 2000 or 2001. Smithy, the female host had a plethoria of economic topics and an amazing agenda especially if you look back at how the world has recently folded up. I  need to underscore the need and her use of a anon nick...kinda funny given the manner in which I've been dinged around here.

Here's a description I found by google...

Summary: The Wizards of Money is an educational series that questions the validity of the global monetary system. Listen and discover amazing facts about the world-wide debt system we've all been enslaved by, and how this system produces economic disparity and the massive poverty conditions in which most people find themselves today.


bout the Host: Smithy has degrees in mathematics and economics. She works as a consultant calculating investment risk for financial institutions, therefore she does not reveal her real name.

Here's a archive of the programs...

Wizards of Money - Audio Downloads File Size
Part01-HowMoneyIsCreated.mp3 12.6 Mb 
Part02-FinancialRiskTransfer.mp3 14.8 Mb 
Part03-PredatoryLending.mp3 26.4 Mb 
Part04-WizardsAndWarlords.mp3 15.2 Mb 
Part05-MonetaryTerrorism.mp3 21.9 Mb 
Part06-DemocratizingMoney.mp3 20.0 Mb 
Part07-MoneyCycleWaterCycle.mp3 18.4 Mb 
Part08-TradingNatureCookingBooks.mp3 27.4 Mb 
Part09-JackAndTheSweatshop.mp3 23.6 Mb 
Part10-BackTo20sThruLookingGlass.mp3 26.8 Mb 
Part11-HouseLever-EdgeDerivativesCasino.mp3 26.6 Mb 
Part12-ImperialBudgetMythicalLock-Box.mp3 27.0 Mb 
Part13-BankruptBillsShootOutAtSocialSafetyNet.mp3 26.8 Mb 
Part14-TradeFederationInterGalacticBankingClan.mp3 23.5 Mb 
Part15-HomelandSecurityOverseasVacations.mp3 26.7 Mb 
Part16-TheresAGenericSharkfinSoup.mp3 24.3 Mb 
Part17-CaughtBetweenDockAndSweatshop.mp3 26.3 Mb 
Part18-WhereWallStreetCrossesAuburnAvenue.mp3 27.2 Mb 
Part19-TheEducationSweepstakes.mp3 26.2 Mb 
Part20-BattleOfDragons-OilvInsurance.mp3 25.3 Mb 
Part21-PlayingRussianRoulettInCarbonMarkets.mp3 24.2 Mb 
Part22-EcotainmentGossip--MickeyMouseSmokeyBear.mp3 26.7 Mb 
Wizards of Money - Series Transcripts File Size
Part01-HowMoneyIsCreated.htm 29 Kb 
Part02-FinancialRiskTransfer.htm 36 Kb 
Part03-PredatoryLending.htm 22 Kb 
Part04-WizardsAndWarlords.htm 37 Kb 
Part05-MonetaryTerrorism.htm 37 Kb 
Part06-DemocratizingMoney.htm 17 Kb 
Part07-MoneyCycleWaterCycle.htm 36 Kb 
Part08-TradingNatureCookingBooks.htm 33 Kb 
Part09-JackAndTheSweatshop.htm 18 Kb 
Part10-Backto20sThruLookingGlass.htm 40 Kb 
Part11-HouseLever-EdgeAtDerivativesCasino.htm 45 Kb 
Part12-ImperialBudgetMythicalLock-Box.htm 49 Kb 
Part13-BankruptcyBillsShoot-OutAtSocialSafetyNet.htm 24 Kb 
Part14-TradeFederationAndInterGalacticBankingClan.htm 19 Kb 
Part15-HomelandSecurityOverseasVacations.htm 40 Kb 
Part16-TheresAGenericInMySharkfinSoup.htm 43 Kb 
Part17-CaughtBetweenDockAndSweatshop.htm 24 Kb 
Part18-WhereWallStreetCrossesAuburnAvenue.htm 26 Kb 
Part19-TheEducationSweepstakes.htm 31 Kb 
Part20-BattleOfDragons-OilVsInsurance.htm 11 Kb 
Part21-PlayingRussianRouletteInCarbonMarkets.htm 25 Kb 

I used to tell people that they should be prepared for a fun graduate level seminar and that they probably need to take notes while listening or you might as well forget it. This show aired on Wruw on and off for about two years or so. Sometimes Smithy wasn't able to continously produce enough shows because of her workload and other times I would get delayed in airing it cause of the all the flack that I was getting at the time for airing such a  controversal program and at the same time confoundingly complex program by people at the radio station. I'm pretty sure I aired each of the programs at least twice tho.

Now that I can actually recall a bit of what was going on at the time I can put forth the notion that she probably had the earliest criticism and prediction of certain doom regarding Derivatives gambling that I can remember. I think maybe around 2000 she had produced the show that's labelled Part11-HouseLever-EdgeAtDerivativesCasino. That show as I remember is farther than most economists have taken our present day situation through our current dilemia (even to this day, they can't come up with a good explanation) and she was writing years before it all happened, not today. She was friccin amazing, too bad very much forgotten.


i lOve frank

 baum... he's written so much more than the wizard of oz - oh my - did you read the book where the women take over oz with their knitting needles and demand the men do all the cooking and cleaning?