Meet Rhode Island's dancing policeman Tony Lepore - video - (cleveland had a dancing cop for years at downtown)

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A traffic police officer's disco and salsa moves have become a Christmas holiday tradition in the largest city in the US state of Rhode Island, Providence.

Since 1984, Tony Lepore has been entertaining drivers and pedestrians in downtown Providence with his dance moves and whistle-blowing – all while directing traffic.

The 65-year-old says the routine was born not at Christmas, but in the month of May – out of the boredom and aggravation that officers typically experience on the roads.

Positive publicity encouraged officials to endorse the "dancing cop", who continued to perform until he left the job in 1988.

"I can dance and sing and I always wanted to be an entertainer when I was younger. And I just did a couple of spins and some hand movements and the people loved it," Lepore says.

In 1992, the retired officer got a call from city officials asking him to rejoin the force to dance and direct traffic around Christmas-time as they pushed to redefine the city's image and bring visitors downtown.



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