Cleveland Public Library's Sports Research Center presents Brownbag Sports Series - Bring a Lunch

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                                    Brownbag Sports Series - Bring a Lunch

                                          Tuesday, January 10 * 12:00 PM

                    "Baseball Fiction Firsts: Sports Research Center Treasures"

Mark Moore, Senior Subject Librarian in the Social Sciences Department, tells the story of early baseball fiction and how the collection of the Sports Research Center has been developed.  Treasures from the collection will be displayed, and a brief video about baseball fiction's most prolific author ("Burt L. Standish") will be premiered.


                                          Tuesday February 28 * 12:00 PM

                   "The Meaning and Process of Collecting Sports Memorabilia"

Professors Jacquelyn Cuneen, Ray Schneider, and Nancy Spencer from Bowling Green State University's Sport Management program review the growth of sports collecting from local markets and personal interactions to an internet-based global marketplace.  This workshop looks at the exponential growth in sport memorabilia collecting in historical and modern terms.  Specifically, the presenters address the historical and contemporary meaning of celebrity and fame, how sports collectibles accrue in value, and the impact of the internet on the collectibles marketplace.

Please join us for both programs! Thank you for your patronage!


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