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In this wonderful thing we call life in Cleveland, is nothing more than a game all day and all night! Screwing: Oh my God how the people get screwed daily in Cleveland with all the crime.... Fucking: Oh my God how the people get fucked over daily in Cleveland by the corruption, inflation, and political games. Hunting: We Hunt the Missing. Running: Oh my God how the leadership keeps running our town in the ground. Stalking: Oh my God how the police must deal with countless cases of stalking daily. Menacing: Oh my God how the people must deal with menacing by others. Racketeering: Oh my God how the political leadership enjoys a good backroom game of this. Exploring: Oh my God how the gentrified explore more ideas to solicit federal grants off the backs of the low income, elderly, and disabled. Escape and Evasion: Oh my God how the criminals and wanted run away from owning their crimes in this town. Hide N Seek: Oh my God how the meek are afraid to come out of their homes after years of abusive practices violating them. Popping: Oh my God how the pill heads love to pop those pills to live in fantasy land. Shooting: OH my God how the robbers like to shoot the innocent in their attempts to rob them. Oh my God I forgot about the needles getting shot up folks' arms too! Massaging: Oh my God how the deviants like to hunt for a good rub down on the back page or craigslist. Shipping: Oh my God how our courts love to send the quotas to jail for some more kickbacks! Fudge Packing: Everyone's getting it up the rear around here except the pay to play bastards who take it gladly! Gambling: Oh my God how we gamble our lives in this drudgery at all levels. Drinking: Everywhere you look there's a place to swallow some hogwash. Drafting: Oh my God how they draft new laws and charters at every corner when they are in a pinch. Cycling: Oh my God how they cyclically ask for more and more federal funds to make our lives better! (Only to use it to pay their pals bigger paychecks to do the same old nothingness.) Cruising: Oh my God how they cruise the streets looking for homeowners to target with code enforcement through housing court so they can adversely take possession of properties in their "Master Plans". Dancing: Oh my God how they dance when they get caught....Break out time. Threatening: Oh my God how they threaten the lives of the ones who whistleblow. Intimidating: Oh my God how they intimidate the people who speak the truth. Boating: Oh my God how they boat to the islands with our tax dollars. Sunning: Oh my God how they all have a beautiful tan in February after a winter of good times in Vegas. Hindering: Oh my God how they all hinder progress because it would make their jobs obsolete. Shunning: Oh my God how they shun the little people they used to climb stairs. Stair Climbing: Oh my God how they stair climb off the backs of the poor. Ball busting: Oh my God how they bust each others balls about who did better at fucking each other over. Drugging: We get doped up to forget the rest. Oh there are just so many sports in our town... Don't forget about the other ones like: Ass kicking, brow beating, stirring shit, Squatting in other people's houses, taxing the people, and so much more... The teams: The political regime CITY, STATE, AND FEDERAL VS The PEOPLE: Low Income, Disabled, Elderly... and then there's the Working Class and the Felons....woohoo. Depending on the League---you know-Middle Class; Philanthropists, or Worthless.... There are still seats available in the countless properties being demo'd by the Demo team. Until the next round; I'll be counting the stats. Have a blessed day.

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Keep BUGGING the REGIME! (Disrupt the corruption!)

They're beginning to realize that they no longer have a leg to stand on with the public scrutinizing their every move!

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