removes Kasich Fitzgerald video and goes after Plunderbund for copyright violation

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 10/29/2014 - 19:43.

 Here is a link to the report on Talking Points Memo.    Click on the last link to see the re-posted video.   

Unfortunately, both these men are lousy.  

 Kasich is ignorant, can't sit up straight, and rude and Republican (coal man who paused Ohio's utilities green energy push).  

Fitz is ignorant, lousy manager (didn't vet his first Lieutentant Gov), womanizer (parking in a warehouse lot at 4 am) , and un-professional.  

Boy oh Boy.   What a choice!

But the worst actor here is the Plain Dealer aka Northeast Ohio Media Group or NOEMG.    These folks - a few writers excepted - are just prostitutes.    

To put up an interview for Governor and then take it down?  

And on Realneo you hear time after time that comments on are removed if those comments go against the lobby objectives of the Plain Dealer.   

The Plain Dealer has ridden NEO into the ditch.   Their direction - choices of politicians - Dimora etc. -  advocating for pro sports and the Port Authority -  for the last 1/2 century has been a total failure.  

They have the power!   Ironic.   They used their power to advocate for the wealthy and trickle down for the rest of us citizens ....and that hasn't worked too well for Cleveland.

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