Pontoon City

Submitted by Sustaino on Thu, 05/14/2009 - 08:58.

Architecture that can float is now very much in vogue. The Dutch engineering firm Dura Vermeer has committed itself to building floating towns (aka pontoon cities). An entire flotilla of floating greenhouses as The New York Times writes, "For the first time in its long history, the Netherlands has begun to strategically uncreate itself," in the face of future oceanic flooding. Starting in 2005, the government planned a 15-year program to buy up land and reserve it as flood plain, mostly along riverbanks. The Dutch are also exploring a solution as old as the first flood – “floating architecture."

Part of this architecture plan is a mix of urbanism-meets-the-hovercraft . At very least, the design plans included floating railway yards, tugboats and cargo, floating greenhouses for continuous supply of fruits and vegetables, built in water-purification systems, and more. With such as philosophical change, the city officials began to wonder if a floating concrete superhighway that drifts across the Pacific Ocean would be necessary. Let’s just stick to jet skis for now. 

The Netherlands are

float something else - Norway

Does this float your wind turbine? Is the Cuyahoga County Wind Energy Task Force looking at this, too?

Realneo problems with SPAM lead ins like Sustaino's Pontoon City

Realneo has been seeing a new kind of spammer's strategy over the last few weeks.  


It goes like this:

A new user (a real person - ie someone like "sustaino" not a robot - somewhere in the world) logs in and posts something credible - but a little generic - like the above pontoon city material. 

Then a day or two later another "new user" logs in and puts a comment with spam under the earlier post.

The spam comment has a link or two or three which leads to some commercial crap which is unrelated to the original post - but which stupidly in Sustaino's case was on their blog.

This type of multi entry spam strategy tends to pull in legitimate commenter’s - as it did here with pontoon city - which helps conceal and bury the spam comment which was about a grilling fuel – the spam comment with the obnoxious links may come after legit comments or right after the phony post.

 One  problem with allowing spam links to stay on any web site is that Google sees these links and their lack of relevance to the text in the site/post and - in extreme cases - will totally block search results for that site.  The cleaner a site is kept of irrelevant links to the text in the post the healthier it looks to Google.  Google, as a private company, has the right and ability to return searches with whatever hierarchy it decides to give a site.  If you screw around with Google, they can blacklist a site – make a site non-existent – like they did with BMW

Let’s hope Google is  “ethical”.    Google has a forum and process for removing a site from their blacklist.  

If you see what you think is spam in Realneo, please notify Realneo Admin by sending a link to the spam content or comment via the "contact" email just below the Realneo Banner Header image.  Thanks.


shameful self promotion

The barriers to entry for participation online keeps dropping; that's a good thing.

But now every company can hire an marketing undergrad intern with Social Media on their resumé for $8/hour to cross-post their bullshit to as many open doors as they can find.

The biz/marketing world has taken to Twitter like ants to the piece of [slave labor] chocolate you dropped: Finally! An online medium they don't have to actually put much into to pretend they're interacting.

The lines between marketing and real social interaction blur -- sometimes in a very good way, where people in companies start remembering they're humans... and sometimes not, where they infringe solely selfish motives on real people trying to be real people, trying to have real conversations.

Should we, as a community, take an attack-first policy on those appearing to attempt to use this space for self-promotion or moneymaking?

"Tell us why we shouldn't delete this..."

"Tell us why we shouldn't block you."

"Are you really here to take part in the conversation?"

Sustaino is a plagiarizing spammer

The source for the Dutch pontoon post of Sustaino's is the BLDG BLOG.   Sustaino copied it from BLDG BLOG.

Sustaino didn't provide any attribution or link to the author of the material besides the photo credit to Dura Vermeer which was on the copied image.

The second image in Sustaino's "article" came from the slide show in the NYTimes Afloat in the Flood Zone .   NYTimes is not properly credited either - just photo credit which was on the original image.

Sustaino has a blog with  the Grill spam crap which was the site to which the link which was posted a day or two later under the pontoon article) went.

If you Google "new york times pontoon" Sustaino's post on Realneo actually comes in 6th, while the   original author's BLDG BLOG is 7th.   This is why spammers go for sites like Realneo.  Their crap ends up with more traffic than the site which did all the work and from where the spammer stole their phony lead in story.


Below is the image and  copy of the grill crap from Spammer Springwise Trendwatching.  I will ask someone who knows html better than me to strip out any live links in the grilled spam. 

So, JG Sustaino, you are blocked again. Welcome to Realneo.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Summertime Grillin'

As summer time approaches, most men get excited to fire up their grills for juicy burgers and brats. You know their nicknames….”King of the Coals” or the usual “Grillin’ Man”. Well, charcoal is notorious for its effects on the environment and human health, but for backyard grilling a new modern alternative has emerged.


Sologear's uGO FlameDisk is an eco-friendly grilling option that uses solid ethanol as its fuel source and lights instantaneously with the touch of a match, no lighter fluid required. You simply peel off the protective film, place the disk in the grill and light it. The aluminum disk is ready to cook on in less than a minute—saving roughly half an hour in time that would ordinarily be spent waiting for charcoal to heat up—and will continue to burn for at least 40 minutes.


What about the heat output? FlameDisk is similar to that of charcoal, but it creates no ash and it cools to the touch in just minutes. Best of all, the ethanol fuel produces 99 percent less carbon monoxide than charcoal does. If you are a die-hard fan of that charcoal-based flavor, you can buy a “Smoker Plate” available to recreate that taste.


With Father’s day coming up next, this makes a great gift at $4.99 online via the Home Shopping Network.

Source: SpringWise Trendwatching


small print

There's a little "Source: Credit to BLDG Blog" at the bottom of that post (and most others) on Sustaino's blog.

Bad form.

Meet Jen / Sustaino.... from Lakewood & True Eco-Advocate!

Hey Ya'll, happy summer.   Earlier this week after knowing her for several years and reading some of the most rightious content that Jen had spotted and decide to share with the world via her blog...  I suggested the audiences on Realneo.us may also be like minded, receptive, and even interested in some of the unique flavor of things Sustianable that she routinely turns up.

You see Jen / Sustaino is a local  Lakewood girl, not some faceless spammer from Phuket.   From where I sit, and having worked with her accross her previous 2 employers, her heart is as much into the advancement of the movment as those of you I know on this board who are also interested in sustainability. 

We need as many folks working towards the overarching goal of building the global awareness of the next industrial revolution as possible!

I have nothing but the utmost respect for her work, which includes both her own original writings, and also her ability to filter out garbage information and distill the internet via blogs and our comms on facebook... just go look at her blog for goodness sake.  I work 5 days a week in the for profit CSR/ Sustainability / Environmental field, with research resources a plenty yet she still routinely finds new ideas, topics, technology that I have never even heard of... if you dont want that sort of intel brought here... keep on rolling out this caliber of a red carpet for her.

I suggested she cross post (not spam) some of the content and see how it is received here...  1. because I heart realneo, and 2. because there has been so much flamewarfare on here that only make the board less appealing to lurkers like me.  I was also hoping to turn some other folks on to what ya'll have here.

I CANT belive she got called out for the post, when other folks who reply to seemingly every post with nearly useless crazy talk dont get this kind of editorial attention!  IMHO QM's posts are more deservided of the personal emails regarding content than those of Sustaino  (granted her and I have 'ideological' simularities re: our prioritization of what matters in live...    In face QM's posts, and the SK posting about money collection, etc are negitively effecting participation on this board, again in my humble opinion.  I dont like to read bad vibrations.

Please consider starting off on another footing with her or I will be forced to dig up my realneo.us posts that have a direct link (which is in my signature here) to my blog.  None of those past cross posts (its been a while) but none of those ever ellicited any complaints, only lively discussion.

This fact makes me think that the presence of relitvely new, yet prolific posters of content that is more or less devoid of substinitive content have put the editors a bit more on edge..  with perhaps an itchy trigger finger.

Sorry guys and gals but Jen is as green, and as much not a spammer as the best writers on here.... and she works in her day job HARD to intersect the circles of her career field, and what is best for the planet.

Now if Jen was an VC investor in the floating city and was getting some $$$$ out of it... she would be a spammer in my opinion.



Crossposting is the act of posting the same message to multiple forums, mailing lists, or newsgroups. This is distinct from multiposting, which involves posting multiple identical messages, each to a single forum, newsgroup, or topic area.

Crossposting can be helpful if the message is of interest to a larger audience. However, crossposting to groups that are irrelevant to the message posted could be considered spamming. Moreover, excessive crossposting is generally considered bad form because it multiplies traffic without adding any new content. In the extreme case, if all messages were crossposted to every group, then every group would look exactly the same. A crossposter can minimize this problem by specifying that all responses be directed to a single group.

Terra Prima!


ZM @ http://northcoastgreenspieler.blogspot.com/




Say we're in a book club.

Say we're in a book club.

Someone has been coming to book club meetings for awhile and chimes in from time-to-time with a comment to respond to what others have said. As the meetings go on, she begins dropping more opinion, wisdom, quotes, and stuff she shares with other book clubs, (yes, cross-posts.)

Someone else shows up to a meeting one day, quotes a phrase from another book as her own, then leaves.

Whose intentions do you know better?

Pretend I belabored the metaphor to include book club spam bots that look like humans and do exactly what the second person did...

In my opinion, REALNEO is a community. A person can establish their motivations for engagement in--and respect for--the community, (as well as their identity as a person,) by joining in the two-way conversation.

Do you really think that

Do you really think that was a bot that posted that? I do not.

I thought another aspiring journalist/marketing add executive redirecting back to them and thinking of wealth and notoriety…. Shameless self promotion and greed?

Then you have that whole thing about selling links to crap you would not buy yourself, and it was marketed with sexist undertones, as if only men like to grill!

And what is with the plea to come back? All this is highly suspect and reeks of coercions and complicity. I demand a special committee be formed to investigate.

Chewed up

  I agree Zebra Mussel--it's just that REALNEO is on hyper-spam mode.  Both Sustaino and QM need to link to interesting information, not just spit it out here. 

We have all been guilty, to some degree, of taking other ideas and reproducing here without credit.  Sometimes (actually often), it is hard to find the original source to credit an idea.   I would hope that the gate would not come down on Sustaino so fast.  I hope she understands that this site is in siege mode.  It is hard to know your REAL friends :)

What are they teaching our


What are they teaching our woman these days, ladies the Nancy Pelosi is not a role model! The truth is not something of convenience, correct grammatical structure revolving around a generic populous theme “green” does not win Pulitzers.

This site is three ring circus! C-A-L-A-M-I-T-Y


What constitutes spam? Sustaino and Springwise

Hello ZM,
This is the Springwise Trendwatching site that is connected with the grilling fuel - Home shopping center $4.95.
Springwise states:   "Even better is that as soon as that happens, the content begins generating revenue from display and contextual advertising that's placed on the same pages, with 50 percent of any earnings going directly back to the blogger. Tools on the site allow content creators to easily monitor their content, give and receive feedback, and interact with others in the Triond community. Users' profile pages, meanwhile, can be customised with all of their creations, in effect serving as a dynamic online portfolio of their published work. Triond is a service by Tel Aviv-based Stanza Ltd."
If Sustaino is placing a link to her grilling  "commerce" product on Realneo, for the sake of making a few bucks after the link on realneo drives traffic to her Sustaino Blog,  does that mean the post on Realneo is spam?
ZM, maybe you could ask Jen if she was in line for any recompense for the grilling link on her Sustaino Blog. 
If she was, then I think it is spam. 

If no, a Realneo Admin (me in this case) jumped the gun.

In post Greek jurisprudence, motive and intent, as well as the facts, are determinative.
And don't forget, Jen could jump in as a new user on REalneo anytime  and be involved in this on-line public discussion about spam - to set us all straight.  

PICK A SPAM SUBJECT on Springwise Trendwatching

Hello ZM,

Take a look at this link on Springwise Trendwatching.    This is a link to "ideas by industry".  There is the Grilling ad. (scroll down to second ad.)

So Springwise lets people like Jen cut and past spam crap onto their blog and then people like Jen go out and seed other blogs like Realneo with links back to the spam.

If you know Jen, check out her bio at her firm and at linked in.  She is an advertizing professional

You may know her as green, but she is also a green spammer.

Springwise makes the topic you want to spam fit your off line persona and the make it easy to find.   Just go to their "ideas by industry".