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Submitted by Betsey Merkel on Wed, 08/20/2008 - 08:43.

Take a moment to explore and participate in a new collaborative online space, Economic Gardening Economies, just formed over last weekend during a curriculum retreat at the beautiful 2,600 acre Edward Lowe Foundation Property, Big Rock Valley, in Michigan.

Economic Gardening is a process begun almost 20 years ago by Chris Gibbons in the City of Littleton, Colorado to identify and connect knowledge, local assets and companies to strengthen prosperity. Read CI for Small Business: The City of Littleton's Economic Gardening Program.

Here is more information taken from the side bar of the Economic Gardening Economies Web space:

This web site provides background on where the strategy of Economic Gardening is taking hold. 

You can become a member of this site here. Members of the site can freely contribute content and help us build an even more vibrant economic gardening network. 

You should also join the Economic Gardening Google Group here

i-o40.jpgThis site is provided by I-Open, the Institute for Open Economic Networks, a non-profit corporation supporting new models of economic development based on open networks.

We recognize the Edward Lowe Foundation which supports both Economic Gardening and I-Open.

The Purdue Center for Regional Development also provides strong support to the development of new network-based models of economic and workforce development, including Economic Gardening.

We would also like to acknowledge Near-Time, a firm based in North Carolina, that supports I-Open's work to promote innovation in economic development and workforce development through open networks. provides our pictures for the banner and the home page under a Creative Commons license. All the materials on this site are distributed under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution license.

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