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Brooklyn Centre Naturalists
The November 2010--Crain's New York published a compelling article on
Artists Fleeing NYC.

Well-look no further--a tree grows in Brooklyn...Brooklyn Centre--Cleveland. 

Actually, we have a lot of trees and we are working to plant more.  And flowers, too.  Join US.

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Pocket Park and Daffodils!

  This pocket park was installed by the Brooklyn Centre Naturalists--residents quietly working every day to improve the neighborhood. 

With a donation of flowers from the American Daffodil Society we will have flowers popping out all over Brooklyn Centre this Spring.  Please visit our charming Garden Neighborhood.  We would love to call you our neighbor.

So Bueatiful....

but, when I moved to this nieghborhood... I planted a flower and shrub garden on my property in the front yard and word got back to me the block club was totally appalled....I am moving it to my back yard this spring.

Shrubbery! Ni!