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Forwarded Message: Re: WARD 14 CDO Engagement Agreements (Ward 14 Tremont) -- corrected

Re: WARD 14 CDO Engagement Agreements (Ward 14 Tremont) -- corrected

Sunday, December 5, 2010 9:21 AM
"Scott Thomas Eversole"
Thanks Henry.
I was not invited to this meeting.
Apparently Jim Pelikan and Gail Long are unwilling to work something out we can both agree on. In that case they had better not publish anything on behalf of Barber-Vega. I certainly hope it doesn't exclude us from receiving benefits and services or from working with the new service model. That would be unfair.
There seems to be some miscommunication and/or confusion about whether we, who were invited to these "Community Engagement" meetings with these consultants, represent our Communities. I guess we don't if these "draft agreements" mean nothing but if they impact how things go moving forward then it could be a problem to say that we are not representatives.
Jim Pelikan first insisted that we are not representatives when I recorded our first meeting, identified attendees, quoted the wishes of Community members and disseminated those transcriptions to the rest of my community because I believe they have the right to know what is going on with their government and public servants and how it impacts us all and us "not being representatives of our Community" was a big part of Jim Pelikan's reasoning that I should not record these meetings so that I could give the most complete and accurate information possible to my Community.
It seems to me that Councilman Cummins referred to us who would be invited to these meetings as "representatives". I could be wrong about that. I'd have to dig back through the communications to be sure. He did refer to us as "representatives" at the November 18th meeting though. I remember that and believe I have that on record as proof.
Henry makes a very good point as I have that if these agreements have anything to do with how we move forward in our relationships with one another then it is vitally important for us who do act as representatives of our community organizations, however big or small, when we participate in any such community activity, to be able to come to consensus within our communities in a way that is seen as fair and reasonable as possible by everyone who is effected before signing any agreements. In my Community, for instance, there are people with differing views (I suspect it's that way in all communities) and if I sign an agreement without full consensus I will be rightfully viewed as unfair by anyone who disagrees with the terms.
The first draft agreement written for Barber-Vega had some language that I liked including the possibility of working with Ohio City and/or the New Service Model but insisted that I agree that we have been served by Ohio City when we have not. Jim Pelikan insisted that we have no choice at the meeting I was invited to to work out the details of this agreement. The consultants didn't want to continue discussing this at that meeting and we agreed to bat the agreement back and forth until we agreed with each other. Then a day or 2 before the November 18th meeting they sent me another draft recommendation which cut out our option of choosing between Ohio City and the New Service model and only included the the one paragraph we disagreed on at the meeting insisting again that I agree that Ohio City fulfilled the contract of service to us when they hadn't. I put some more complete details about our relationship with Ohio City in a draft I wrote and the consultants asked me to call a special meeting with my Neighborhood during our holiday break before they would even make a comment. I told them that if we can't work something out between us then forget the draft. We will just wait until the consultants are gone I guess and go from there.
It's sad you know, it seems like (such as what I witnessed with myself, Henry Senyak and Jerleen Justus in the meetings we attended together), anyone who really asked for genuine accountability to the people from these public servants whose salaries come from the people's tax dollars were attacked by the public servants in what seems to be an attempt to drive them out of the participation process. That's what the people seem to get who are the most passionate, work the hardest for their communities and demand full accountability from their public servants and government in the truest tradition of the American Way. Of, for, and by the People, not the government and public servants. That is the corruption we are entrenched in at every level if I may be so bold as to say.
Again, I'm hopeful that we can come to agreement about allocations, services and partnerships and continue to work with each other in a positive manner as much as possible and I am willing to provide consensus and proof of such to our Councilman but none of us in Barber-Vega want to go through all the scandal we have in past years and keeping this Ohio City issue up will make public what has gone on with Ohio City, Bob Shores, Commander Sulzer and the 2nd District Community Relations Committee for sure. I've done my best in using discretion over these issues for the sake of the community and what can be salvaged but it is all too relevant to this issue and will come up as part of it and will be reported along with Henry's referrals.
Scott Thomas Eversole
Barber-Vega Block Club 
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To: Subject: Re: WARD 14 CDO Engagement Agreements (Ward 14 Tremont) -- corrected

Mr. Pelikan,
I can appreciate your well calculated and politicized response. I will request for the final time a copy of the Ward 14 Tremont Document the staff of Detroit-Shoreway have compiled for potential signatures.
At each meeting I heard representatives state clearly they represent a block club or a group. I will just make the case that Scott-Eversole represented the interests of the Barber-Vega block club.
The whole six month process that you and Councilman Cummins created was a top down invite only process until the very last minute. The fact that you had stated at the TWDC board meeting you and Gail met twice with the defunct board of a de-funded CDC to see what they wanted and did not have the courtesy to meet with the TWDC board until you wanted to divert a platoon of concerned residents of the Tremont Community into not participating with the rest of participants shows me this has not been a fair, equitable, and transparent process.
I am hoping you have a change of heart in not forwarding me the document. My next correspondence in this matter will be to the Inspector General of HUD and the Department of Justice asking for a full investigation in to the actions of Detroit-Shoreway,City of Cleveland, NPI, and Councilman Brian Cummins, Gail Long, and yourself Mr. Pelikan.
I will be asking for a full audit of the $300,000.00 in Ward 14 CDBG allocations to Detroit Shoreway, how its being utilized and spent. How much is being used for Ward 15, and Ward 16?
Thank you,
Henry P. Senyak
(I am only speaking on behalf of myself in this email)



From: Pelikan, Jim 
Sent: Thursday, December 02, 2010 11:09 PM
To: Subject: RE: WARD 14 CDO Engagement Agreements (Ward 14 Tremont)


Dear Sandy and Henry,


Our Engagement process started almost six months ago and we have covered a lot together in these months. We are grateful for the commitment shown by the group of community leaders who have participated, each in their own way. We know it wasn’t always easy and your perseverance  should make everyone in the neighborhoods involved proud and hopeful.


As stated from the start the goal of the Engagement Process was to provide some leaders of the involved neighborhoods an opportunity to identify the important starting points on how the community and the service providers interact. It was acknowledged that such a shared understanding of the means for community engagement was just one small way to create some sense of “we are in this together” that might open the door to larger opportunities.   


On more than one occasion we clarified that the participants in the process were there as leaders and not as representatives of any group. So Henry is correct when he wrote

that “if anyone one specific individual signs a document they are doing that on their own behalf.” The bulk of concerns expressed by both Henry and Sandy in their recent e-mails reflect the complexity of communication within and among neighborhoods. We say more about this below, reminding everyone involved that the path ahead, as the engagement process itself is one of on-going learning.


Both Sandy and Henry affirm what many found in the Engagement Process  --  the opportunity for small steps to a different way of being community together. We are pleased the read Sandy’s statement :”I am not concerned about the content of the agreement that was reached at the November 18, 2010 meeting”  and as well Henry wanting to “request support” for the Tremont Ward of Ward 14 document when he shares it with his block club.


We realized the issues associated with any meeting in December. We went ahead with two things in mind. First this has been a long process with the need for closure. Secondly the process has been fluid and there is no reason why some can’t sign at a later time if that supports their best future engagement.  Reversing years of discord, creating some new ways to engage in community, and building some small occasions for trust are what we hope to see.  


Below are two important summary points.


1.      Representation and Engagement Document:  You were initially invited to participate in the engagement process as a leader of the Tremont section of Ward 14 and not as a representative of a particular block club or a member of the TWDC Board of Trustees.  Therefore, we feel that it is appropriate for you to sign the agreement as a resident of a particular neighborhood in Ward 14.  The document is not a legal document but rather a framework that we hope will begin to build trust and establish a direction in which residents, the Community Development Office and the Councilman can follow.  More importantly, we hope that it has been the beginning of a working relationship between all parties.  The Tremont document in particular was significantly edited over time and represents the collective thinking of the two of you as well as others who attended the meeting on November 18th.


2.      Cover letter:  A cover letter will be sent to all invited to attend the meeting on 12/8/10.  In this letter we will put the Agreement documents in context as well as encourage people to invite whomever else they would like to attend.  We will stress as we have from the beginning of the process that we are not talking about the delivery of service but rather how residents can have their voices heard in this new community development model.


We hope that this clarifies some of your points.  Unless we hear from you differently, we shall assume that you will not be attending the meeting on the 8th and that you will sign the agreement at a later time.   We shall contact you as to who to contact when you are ready.


We thank you for your participation in the process.  Your concerns, ideas and presence were important and valuable.


Gail Long and Jim Pelikan


From: Sandy Smith
Sent: Thursday, December 02, 2010 2:47 PM
To: Subject: RE: WARD 14 CDO Engagement Agreements (Ward 14 Tremont)


Good Afternoon, Everyone:

Dharma contacted me as well about coming to the Ward 14 CDO office on December 8 to sign the agreement between the Ward 14 Tremont residents and the CDO office. Unfortunately, the meeting was scheduled on an evening when I already have another commitment. Due to community/family/professional commitments during this time of year, more than a week's notice would be greatly appreciated to allow for participation by as many people as possible.

I understand Henry's concerns about signing a document on behalf of the members of his block club that they have not had the opportunity to review. I feel similarly. The next regularly scheduled meeting of the MetroNorth Block Club is March 29 as we do not meet during the winter months. Some block club members indicated they wanted to hold a meeting in January to meet the candidates running for the Tremont West Board of Directors, but that is the only item on that night's agenda.

I also have concerns about holding myself out as a representative for any person or group in Ward 14 Tremont other than myself as a resident or the members of my block club as their co-chair. Several members of the MetroNorth Block Club attended one or more of the meetings related to this agreement, so I know they are interested in the process and the ones who attended the final meeting are supportive of the wording of the agreement, but at no time did the block club as a whole "vote" me in as their proxy in creating an agreement with the Ward 14 CDO. I think I would feel more comfortable signing the document if the members of the MetroNorth Block Club had the opportunity to vote for it or if they had been invited to participate in the process from the beginning. That way, had they chosen not to participate in the process, then they could not argue with the outcome.

That said, I am not concerned about the content of the agreement that was reached at the November 18, 2010 meeting. The residents and business owners in attendance at that meeting from Ward 14 Tremont created and approved the agreement document that was forwarded to Gail Long and Jim Pelikan. However, I don't feel comfortable being one of only two or three Ward 14 Tremont representatives signing it on behalf of the thousands of Ward 14 Tremont residents and business owners.

Best Regards,

Sandy Smith

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." ~ Margaret Mead

Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2010 12:39:54 -0500
Subject: WARD 14 CDO Engagement Agreements (Ward 14 Tremont)
To: To Whom it may Concern:



I have been contacted by Dharma from the Ward 14 CDO offices yesterday 12-01-10. This contact was to advise me that a date has been determined to sign a final document agreements with language created at the 11-18-10 Engagement meeting between all parties for service expectations and by who in Ward 14 Tremont for CDBG funded services. The date is set for 12-08-10. I will also state the employees of the Ward 14 CDO especially Dharma and Megan have treated this matter with respect and professionalism and are a pleasure to work with.  


I only participated in 50% of the community engagement meetings due to the consultants involved not reviewing the fact several of the meeting dates they have chosen either conflicted with block club meetings or events and/or TWDC Committee structure meetings. TWDC is our CDC and we participate on a weekly basis with our vibrant CDC.


I had represented the interests of the Lincoln Heights Block Club at the engagement meetings I have attended. This based on the office I hold, I had the authority to participate in dialog. I do not have the authority to sign any document without a formal presentation to the block club members with proper notice and a said motion from the floor to do so. We do not deviate from the democratic process and follow Roberts Rules of Order.


The next meeting of the Lincoln Heights Block Club is not to January 13th, 2011. I am requesting a copy of the document to hold a discussion at the block club meeting on that date and to seek authority to sign any document.


The Lincoln Heights Block Club is split into Ward 3 and Ward 14. We are current being served by the Tremont West Development Corporation. Our expectations are to receive the same services from TWDC until TWDC provides written correspondence that they will not be servicing our block club or not providing certain specific services in our geographic territory.


As stated earlier I will be happy to bring it to the attention of the block club membership, and request support. There is no meeting in December nor will there be a request to have any meetings until our January 13, 2011 meeting. No-one has any authority to sign documents on behalf of the block club, and if anyone one specific individual signs a document they are doing that on their own behalf.



Thank you,


Henry P. Senyak

Chairperson Lincoln Heights Block Club


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Thanks for posting these, Jerleen.  Open, inclusive process...not!

It was interesting that the invite to sign the agreement was to "leaders" and not as chairs of block clubs. This can be viewed  in different ways: the process to invite leaders did not acknowledge that leaders involve others in the issues at hand (which is why they are leaders) showing ignorance that is unbelievable  or, the other view: that inviting only leaders meant that the process was to be small, rubber-stamped with the seal of approval of known leaders, excluding that time consuming process of Q & A's from that bothersome group of people known as residents. 

BTW: any good chair of a block club would also know better than to sign anything that could be construed as consent on behalf of a group of residents. Of course, I live in the real world, not the CDC world, so this would be a totally foreign concept to people cultivated by the CDC or a politician to act as a leader.


When did anyone post anything about these meetings on Realneo?

Brian Cummins was a pure advocate of Realneo until everyone began asking these transparent questions...then as we asked, waited, and looked forward to upcoming invitations to this TRANSPARENT PROCESS...we were NEVER INVITED-publicly.

I concur with filing MORE HUD/DOJ complaints...and with filing ETHICS COMMISSION COMPLAINTS... and filing Ohio DOD funding complaints and with removing their rights to these corrupt matters...

Shall we have a meeting to sign a petition for that RECALL? 

didn't you post

a notice to the last meeting at Lin Omni?

These appear to be by invite only. The leaders do not look to be falling into the line given to them. They say that this process is not good enough.

I say hold the feet of Cummins to the fire, and make Cummins involve a broader spectrum of the community where anyone who wants input has input. There may be a deadline given to the facilitators by Cummins and the City, one that was chosen for reasons that we don't know about.  

Recall? The last one divided Ward 14, and was costly in terms of a special election. As bad as Santiago was, we, the people of Ward 14, voted to let him continue. 

I think that the main problem with all of this is in the beginning of the process, an artificial model was put into place and the regular Jane and Bob were not allowed to say how the process should work. These are models used by people who go to school so that they can work in these areas (CDC's) etc,. They are taught that the approach is to create a process of people, places, agendas, and so forth that take people to conclusion that was  previously decided before the process began. They will not see anything wrong with this as it is either what they were taught, and or, what they were told to do.

This means that the process lacked the passion and the commitment that is so necessary.

So this new organization is a satellite office of Detroit Shoreway, with Jeff Ramsey as the real shot caller over what happens in the new group. If you think that you have had problems with TWDC staffers, then you must meet Jeff Ramsey.

Maybe that would be a good thing, for the residents to meet Jeff. It would help put things into perspective. Since he is the one that says yea or neigh to things, get him out front.

And a BTW, the new governor elect proposes to close the DOD down in Ohio. Please do not celebrate this. The impact on low income people will be significant.



Date: 8/19/2010 5:30:16 P.M. Eastern Standard Time

Subject: Clark Fulton-W14 Tremont/Ohio City Community Leadership & Engagement Meeting

To: Redacted

Dear Community Leader,


You have been identified as an active community leader in the neighborhoods of Clark-Fulton and Ward 14 portions of Tremont and Ohio City.


You are invited to what will be one of the first meetings organized to explore ways to strengthen communications and participation from residents with the new service model that is being developed to provide community development services to these neighborhoods.

 As you're probably already aware, there are changes being made in the way community development services are being provided for Ward 14 as well as adjacent neighborhoods in Wards 15 and 16.  In addition to changes in services we want to support the establishment of a community involvement strategy in order for your voice to be heard by your Council representative and local development corporation, not just now but into the future

 Note that the list of invitees has been limited to a relatively small number of active leaders to ensure the best interactive participation and that others, such as members of organizations and block clubs will have a chance to participate in future meetings.  This is the first of what will be several meetings and activities to explore ways to increase community participation and we'll be asking you to help shape that process.

 Please respond by email or call Johanna or me to confirm your attendance.  I'll also be trying to reach people by phone as well.  Please email or call as well with any questions you may have. 


I have also referenced several articles that were published in the Plain Press that explain fairly well the processes that have led to the new service delivery model we are pursuing - see below.



DATE:  Monday, August 30th

TIME:  6:00 sign-in; 6:30 - 8:30 meeting

LOCATION:  3167 Fulton Road, Suite 303 - new Stockyard, Clark-Fulton & Brooklyn Centre Community Development Office


Facilitators:  Gail Long & Jim Pelikan



Councilman Brian Cummins & Executive Assit. Johanna Hamm

New Ward Office: 3167 Fulton Road, Suite #305, 216-664-4238

 Community Development Services:

Megan Meister, Program Director

Stockyard, Clark-Fulton & Brooklyn Centre Service Office

3167 Fulton Road, Suite 303, Cleveland, Ohio 44109

Tel: (216) 961-9073 ext. 210; Fax: (216) 961-9387

E-Mail: mmeister [at] dscdo [dot] org" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" ymailto="mailto:mmeister [at] dscdo [dot] org" href="/mc/compose?to=mmeister [at] dscdo [dot] org">mmeister [at] dscdo [dot] org






216-333-5453  cell



#yiv1788246973 .yiv1788246973ExternalClass P { MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0px }
This message is intended to begin a more formal and broader process to build and consolidate our lists of neighborhood leaders.
Enclosed is a names-only list that I wanted to begin to share with some of our key neighborhood leaders.  Please review the list and send any suggestions for additions (for these first meetings as well as future engagement work).  Please send contact info for leaders to people listed below.  The complete list with contacts is being sent to Megan Meister and the Directors of TWDC and OCNW.
To-date, Megan Meister has taken the lead in developing a list and contacting leaders for the Stockyards meeting scheduled for 8/17. 
My office has done the same for the Brooklyn Centre area for their meeting scheduled for 8/16. 
The Clark-Fulton and W14 Tremont and Ohio City areas listings should be reviewed and confirmed in terms of a list of no more that approximately 15 leaders to ensuer a meaningfull and participatory meeting for August 30th.  A notice for that meeting is being finalized today and we'll begin with phones calls and then send the email out as soon as possible.
In addition, we err on the side of not inviting some of the business leaders to this first meeting if the lists begins to get too big, with the realization that we need to have a focused approach in terms of outreach to business.  My office will pick back up an initiative we'll be pursuing with Megan, Sammy and some of the known business folks to re-start the planning for a business meeting.
Leaders - Resident, Business, Non-Profit, & Religious Organizations:
ALL --

Megan Meister

Program Director

Stockyard, Clark-Fulton & Brooklyn Centre Service Office

3167 Fulton Road, Suite 303

Cleveland, Ohio 44109

Tel: (216) 961-9073 ext. 210

Fax: (216) 961-9387

E-Mail: mmeister [at] dscdo [dot] org" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" ymailto="mailto:mmeister [at] dscdo [dot] org" href="/mc/compose?to=mmeister [at] dscdo [dot] org">mmeister [at] dscdo [dot] org


Ward 14 Brooklyn Centre, Cc:

Daryl Davis, Secretary Brooklyn Centre Community Association,  daryl [dot] davis [at] sbcglobal [dot] net" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" ymailto="mailto:daryl [dot] davis [at] sbcglobal [dot] net" href="/mc/compose?to=daryl [dot] davis [at] sbcglobal [dot] net">daryl [dot] davis [at] sbcglobal [dot] net

Denise Donaldson, Former Secretary, BCCA, ddonaldson [at] penton [dot] com" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" ymailto="mailto:ddonaldson [at] penton [dot] com" href="/mc/compose?to=ddonaldson [at] penton [dot] com">ddonaldson [at] penton [dot] com


Ward 14 Tremont, Cc:

Chris Garland, Executive Director Tremont West Development Corp., chrisgarland [at] twdc [dot] org" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" ymailto="mailto:chrisgarland [at] twdc [dot] org" href="/mc/compose?to=chrisgarland [at] twdc [dot] org">chrisgarland [at] twdc [dot] org


Ward 14 Ohio City, Cc:

Eric Wobser, Executive Director, Ohio City Near West, EWobser [at] ohiocity [dot] org" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" ymailto="mailto:EWobser [at] ohiocity [dot] org" href="/mc/compose?to=EWobser [at] ohiocity [dot] org">EWobser [at] ohiocity [dot] org





216-333-5453   cell

216-664-4238   office

brian cummins

is being the usual councilman, trying to develop a process that is expedient and controlling at the cost of exclusion, fueling the fires that flame in ward 14.

The new organization is a satellite of Detroit Shoreway Development Corporation.  

"In the Zone" as in Matt Zone

This Ward 15 newsletter just went out. The first page carries the story : "New programs and services for residents in the Stockyard, Clark-Fulton and Brooklyn Center Areas".

"This past July, Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization (DSCDO) expanded to provide additional services to the city of Cleveland. The Stockyard, Clark-Fulton & Brooklyn Centre Development Office, a program of DSCDO......"

Also, "The office will be operated under the direction of Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization (DSCDO) and will be supported by...."


I do not see a link to view the newsletter on line but a call to Zone's office will probably get one mailed to you.

I have heard Zone speak to organizing in the community. He speaks to this effectively, and should be contacted about the concerns outlined in the e-mails.

Westbrook should also be contacted as he has voiced support for inclusion on this specific subject. 

Since this new "organization" made the Stockyards group defunct at the whim of a councilman or two, then they need to be held to account.

There seemed to be some cool people at Stockyards

There seemed to be some cool people at Stockyards.... from realNEO:

Stockyard Redevelopment Organization in general and Matt Martin in particular are to thank for the garden and public art at W. 58th and Storer Avenue."

I'd never heard of the neighborhood and one of the young CDC folks there filled me in. Are the Stockyards people still involved there?

Disrupt IT


The residents still meet and are working on things. 

ETHICS VIOLATIONS....over and over and over again....collusion.

oh well, just another day in the life! I got Jay Westbrook's newsletter for the Fall/Winter 2010... Not a peep about that stuff above.

I'll let it go...I am exhausted...

no collusion, no ethic violation

 in Westbrook not covering this. Not everything is collusion.

Detroit Shoreway is the group that is receiving $300,000 of funds from Ward 14 for these services. Zone is the councilman there in Detroit Shoreway (Ward 15).

Collusive practices deceive the citizens, mislead them & defraud

Collusion is an agreement between two or more persons, sometimes illegal and therefore secretive, to limit open competition by deceiving, misleading, or defrauding others of their legal rights, or to obtain an objective forbidden by law typically by defrauding or gaining an unfair advantage.[citation needed] It is an agreement among firms to divide the market, set prices, or limit production.[1] It can involve "wage fixing, kickbacks, or misrepresenting the independence of the relationship between the colluding parties".[2] In legal terms, all acts effected by collusion are considered void.[3

...Misrepresenting the relationship between the colluding parties....

Instead of enumerating the uncountable incidents... none of which were referring to Westbrook failing to put anything in his newsletter -I'll just remind the people that their right to public citizen participation has been steered, controlled, and driven directly by the City Council for the purpose of controlling OUR Community Development Corporation... and those are ETHICS VIOLATIONS because CDC's are supposed to be driven by COMMUNITY  (CITIZEN INVOLVEMENT)....not by city council members looking to fulfill the 2020 vision without considering the PUBLIC's INTEREST...violations of the 14th Amendment are also rampant locally.


The State must certify that:


  • it is following a detailed citizen participation plan and that each funded unit of general local government is following a detailed citizen participation plan;
  • it has consulted with affected units of general local government in the non-entitled area in determining the method of distribution of funding, it engages or will engage in planning for community development activities, it will provide assistance to units of general local government, it will not refuse to distribute funds to any unit of general local government based on the particular eligible activity chosen by the unit of general local government, except that a State is not prevented from establishing priorities based on the activities selected;
  • it has a consolidated plan that identifies community development and housing needs and short-term and long-term community development objectives;
  • it will conduct its program in accordance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Fair Housing Act of 1988 and will affirmatively further fair housing;
  • it will set forth a method of distribution that ensures that each of the funded activities will meet one or more of the three broad national objectives described above in Program Objectives and at least 70% of the amount expended for activities over a period of one, two, or three consecutive program years will benefit low– and moderate-income families;
  • it will require units of general local government to certify that they are adapting and enforcing laws to prohibit the use of excessive force against nonviolent civil rights demonstrations, and they will enforce laws against barring entrance and exit from facilities that are the targets of nonviolent civil rights demonstrations in their jurisdiction;
  • it will comply with Title I of the HCD Act and all other applicable laws.


For More Information

If you are an interested citizen, contact your local municipal or county officials for more information. The local government may have received or may have applied for a grant from the State. If you are a local official, you should contact the agency that administers the program for your State. If your local government or State officials cannot answer your questions, contact the HUD field office* that serves your area. Note that the State administers the program and determines which local governments receive funding.



Hi All,


Jim and I hope that you all had a quiet, peaceful and enjoyable Thanksgiving Holiday. 


We are attaching the Engagement Agreement that that was presented at the Community Meeting on November 18th at St. Rocco’s Hall.  The Brooklyn Centre Agreement was not changed as presented and discussed; two points were added to the Clark-Fulton Agreement; and there was a word change to the Tremont Agreement.  As of this writing, there is no Clark-Fulton/Barber-Vega agreement and the Stockyard’s Agreement is still being discussed.


You have all been invited as leaders in your respective neighborhoods to come to a meeting on December 8th at 6:30 p.m. to read and sign the Agreement.  Councilmen and Staff of DSCDO and the Community Development office shall also be present.  What you will be signing, if you so choose, represents six (6) months of dialogue and hard work.  Initially, over 70 community leaders were invited to join in the Engagement Process.  Several of you joined the process after the first meeting.  You may have attended all five (5) neighborhood meetings as well as the drafting session or you may have attended as many meetings as your schedule would allow.  Regardless of how many meetings you attended, you participated and you worked hard to develop a way to have your voices heard and to begin to build a working relationship based on trust and dialogue with the Community Development Office, DSCDO and your Councilman.


Individual leaders from your neighborhood supported this Agreement at the November 18th meeting and concluded that a “signing celebration” was appropriate.  Perhaps a more appropriate way of saying this would be that this a time to move forward and build upon the work we have done to date – to establish a Steering Committee that focuses on the Community Development Office, to establish communication with our Councilman, to establish a communication network between ourselves and DSCDO, to establish understanding and clarity on funding issues and to build trust among each other.


We look forward to seeing you on the 8th at 6:30 p.m. at the Community Development Office.


Thank you for your commitment and hard work,



Jim Pelikan and Gail Long


Who will be participating in the STEERING COMMITTEE? 



Perhaps a more appropriate way of saying this would be that this a time to move forward and build upon the work we have done to date – to establish a Steering Committee that focuses on the Community Development Office, to establish communication with our Councilman, to establish a communication network between ourselves and DSCDO, to establish understanding and clarity on funding issues and to build trust among each other.


We look forward to seeing you on the 8th of December  at 6:30 p.m. at the Community Development Office.


Thank you for your commitment and hard work,



Jim Pelikan and Gail Long