Complaint needs to be filed against City of Cleveland and Ohio EPA

Submitted by lmcshane on Tue, 05/07/2013 - 07:43.

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Residents are being told that mature oak trees need to be removed to remediate the park - media is asked to investigate possible contract steering ($2.5 million-Ohio EPA contractor) and projected over kill for an admittedly low hazard situation (PAHs -comparable to smoking a cigarette).  
More than twenty mature and healthy trees valued at over $100,000 each for their beauty and environmental benefits are proposed to be destroyed - to install a liner that makes no sense at all - as it will be punctured by the addition of the 2" caliber trees slated to replace the mature (50+) oaks. 
Joe Cimperman is the council rep for Ward 3 and Brian Cummins previously represented the area when the City of Cleveland initially discovered contaminated soils during process of constructing NRP Denison Foster Pointe.  
Photos and contacts are available:   Dane Reich represents the neighborhood association- Southwest Citizens Area Council:  John Baran's family has lived adjacent to the park since 1925.  Gloria Ferris and I are on the record at the City of Cleveland for opposing the Foster Pointe complex due to the environmental limitations of the site.
Laura McShane