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Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 09/26/2006 - 15:21.

The International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) is holding their annual conference in Cleveland, October 18-20, which is a major win for the city! I've hosted several IT conferences in Cleveland and am always pleased by the response of participants to the Cleveland location... always positive. So I was interested to see how an international conference sells Cleveland to its members... and I think we as a community should update and expand the list of assets they are promoting. Read through the following, and add comments of what you think may make these conventioneers happy while they are in town...

Are You Ready to ROCK YOUR ASSETS in Cleveland?
4TH Annual IAITAM Conference and Exhibit - October 18th – 20th, 2006 - Renaissance Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio

22 reasons to join your peers in Cleveland

  2. Cleveland – The best kept secret in the IT industry
  3. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum
  4. Digital Cleveland - One of thirteen international cities selected to participate in Intel's pilot initiative, "Digital Communities"
  5. Great Weather – Well, at least in October
  6. Major League Sports - Cleveland is home to three major league sports teams, including the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Cleveland Browns and the Cleveland Indians.
  7. The Cleveland Orchestra - Ranked one of the top three orchestras in the world along with the orchestras of Berlin and Vienna
  8. Cleveland is home to the largest concentration anywhere in the world of medical institutions in one square mile.
  9. Theater - Cleveland is home to the second largest theater district and performing arts center in North America
  10. Tower City - Shopping, Shopping, and more Shopping
  11. Public Square – Yes, more shopping
  12. Lolly the Trolley – Take a historical tour of Cleveland. It may surprise you
  13. Golf - The Cleveland area has over 300 public golf courses, ranking as a top five golf market in the United States
  14. The Lake Front - A great place to ride a bike, take a walk or test your roller blades
  15. The Flats – Network and indulge in one of the cities oldest bar and nightclub districts, but not too much
  16. The Warehouse District – Boasting some of the best restaurants and bars in the city, something is always going on in this area known for its scrumptious food, and good times
  17. Sushi Rock - Maybe the best sushi restaurant in the Eastern United States.
  18. The Great Lakes Science Museum – Great fun whether you are 8 or 80.
  19. Museum of Contemporary Art - Very cool and edgy stuff. A must see and totally unique
  20. Little Italy - You can eat, drink, hear and purchase enough Italian culture to make you think you visited Milan, Tuscany and the whole booted peninsula
  21. The Shoreline - Cleveland is home to approximately 100 miles of freshwater shoreline – more than any other U.S. city – and supports one of the largest freshwater lakes in the country.
  22. Open Air Markets - Cleveland is home to many open-air markets including the huge, year-round West Side Market.

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#1 CMA Reopens with "Artists, intellectuals and anarchy"

This conference is happening right as one of the world's best museums reopens (Ocober 15th) and begins a world-class exhibit... both of which would interest this group... they should arrange to hop on Lolly the Trolly (asset #12 above) and take a private tour of our technological masterpiece of an expanded museum and the exciting Artists, intellectuals and anarchy with Evelyn... contact Shannon Masterson @ the CMA: 216-707-2477

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#2 East 4th Street... Colonial... Mike the Hatter

One thing that is out of date on this list is shopping at Public Square (Flats, too, unless looking for a titty bar)... although anyone needing a hat should surely go to Mike the Hatter a block away on Prospect... and then shoot through the beautiful Colonial Arcade (and, BTW, THE Arcade is also on any top 22 list) and then turn left and hit NEO #2... East 4th Street... only a destination at night, but with Hard Rock and now Lola and soon that crazy bowling bar, this is becoming a hot destination of the Midwest

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